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World WiFi is a decentralized, as well as free Wifi network, which is built on blockchain technology.
Everyone can connect to this network from their device. I think the idea is simply amazing, because there are not anywhere there are access points to the WiFi network, the more open it is. But I think you already have a question, who will finance all this? It's very simple that every user who wants to connect to the World WiFi network will have to view a small advertisement and after that he will be able to use the Internet for free. Such a business model will be beneficial to all: users, owners of routers, advertisers, entrepreneurs and Internet providers.

Now let's take a closer look at how this all works.
We already know that after watching a short video, the user will have free access to the Internet. This will be possible thanks to company World WiFi. Each owner of the router will be able to install the company's software and create a separate one from its open network.
They will also earn on advertising, for which advertisers will be calculated with the owners of cryptocurrency.
The advantage for advertisers will be the ability to broadcast their advertising around the world and select the target audience. They will get live traffic and no bots.
World WiFi foresaw the possibility of earning money for active people and entrepreneurs. Details can be found in whitepaper.
As I said, this model will be beneficial for all parties, including for Internet providers. It is known that the revenues from advertising far exceed the fees from the subscription fee. Also, providers will not need to deal with recovery of arrears.

Already now you can register for beta testing of the World WiFi platform on their official website.
As we see with the embodiment of this idea, absolutely everything wins. Therefore, in order to soon realize it, World WiFi conducts ICO.
It will be held until May 18, 2018.
The price of one token WT = 0.134 $ as at the time of writing the article is available a bonus of 4%
Already available information about the listing on bit-z.com and hitbtc.com To pay for the purchase of tokens, bitcoin, etherium, as well as VISA and MasterCard cards are accepted.
Hard Cap project is 25 000 000 $ At the time of writing, he has already collected 24,103,334. The total for sale is 258,000,000 WT tokens. The remaining tokens will be destroyed.

Here we can get acquainted with the bonus rates at the stage of the token.
Also, World Wi-Fi created their own antennas, with which you can focus the signal of the router, thus providing a stable Wi-Fi.
These antennas have already passed all laboratory tests and are ready for operation. Each user who bought World tokens before May 18 for the sum of 1 ether or 0.1 bitcoin will get one of the models of such anintenas completely free of charge and with delivery to any city in the world.
The WT Token is a universal currency within the platform.
Also they have a site for the distribution of tokens. Thus, 43% of the total amount was allocated for sales, 40% for development, founders will receive 7% and their tokens will be frozen for 1 year, the team will receive 5%, 3% will receive consultants and 2% will be allocated to the advertising company.
If you still have questions about the work or product of this company, you can find answers to them in the FAQ tab on the official website.

The company also invites advertising agencies and Internet providers / operators to cooperate. If you are, then you can leave a request on their website and the staff will contact you in the shortest possible time.
This completes my review. I want to say that I personally liked the idea and the product of the company, I will invest in it.

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