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"World Wi-Fi" ICO LIVE.

The Internet has already entered our life forever, it is difficult to imagine a modern society outside the world wide web. But despite its large-scale distribution, not everyone can access the Internet, especially for residents of Africa and other developing countries. According to the latest data, more than 7 billion people for one reason or another do not have access to the Internet. (Living in remote locations, the high cost of the Internet for people with a low standard of living) In addition, this topic is also relevant for active travelers, the use of LTE network in roaming is very expensive, and Wi-Fi is often in public places paid and not available everywhere . With the World Wi-Fi project, you can forget about all these problems!

World Wi-Fi is a revolutionary project, whose goal is to provide free Internet access to every person, regardless of where and when it is located.

World Wi-Fi is a decentralized Wi-Fi network based on the latest technologies, namely blockchain and created on mostly private residential routers. Any router owner can share the excess unused bandwidth of Wi-Fi, while allowing guest users to connect to their network and get paid for in Worldwide Wi-Fi cryptocurrency.

What do users get?
The Wi-Fi platform provides guest users with free internet access. Free Internet is a reality! To do this, just before surfing the Internet, watch a small commercial. Wherever you are, even when traveling to exotic countries, forget about the expensive expensive Internet!

What do router owners get?
Any owner of a router can receive passive income in the form of an official project's cryptocurrency. To do this, you just need to install the official firmware, download settings from the World Wi-Fi site, the entire installation will take only 30 seconds. As a result, in addition to the private network, a secure public network for guest users will be created, and the road to passive earnings will be open! As noted above, users will see short video clips for connection, for which advertisers will transfer payment to the owner of the router. Revenues of router owners directly depend on the number of viewed advertising videos by guest users. All ingenious is simple!

In addition, if you want to earn even more cryptocurrencies, then it's worth participating in the World Wi-Fi referral program by attracting new platform participants-the owners of routers and getting a percentage of their advertising revenue.

World Wi-Fi provides an opportunity to build your own referral network. The conditions for obtaining income are simple and understandable, it all depends only on the activity and desire of the user to develop his referral network. Someone will have enough stable additional income, and someone can build a big business by connecting to the World Wi-Fi network a huge number of people. And this will not only bring more revenue, but also help in scaling and popularity of the platform.

It is important to note that the owners of routers are protected by smart contracts, they are guaranteed the payment for each viewed ad.

What do advertisers get?
Advertisers receive target (targeted) advertising, continuous high-quality traffic. The advertiser will be able to filter by certain parameters the necessary audience for advertising his product. This is possible on the basis of data from search queries, filters by sex, age, place of residence and any other characteristics.

An important point is the ability of advertisers in their personal account to track the full statistics on paid orders. The whole history of impressions of commercials is recorded on the blockade. Reliable statistics on the unit are transparent and 100 percent reliable, they can not be overstated and falsified. Thanks to the statistics received, advertisers will always be aware of the effectiveness of any given campaign.

As we can see, the project has been worked out in detail: all the participants of World Wi-Fi are left to win. Summarizing the above, we can summarize that the project is not only financially beneficial for owners of routers, advertisers, but also socially-oriented towards users who receive absolutely free Internet. In our time, socially-oriented projects are a rarity, but bringing a good passive income-that's more!


Abbreviated token character: WT
Total number of released tokens: 600 million WT
Pre-sale: 28.11 - 16.03
ICO: 18.04 - 05/18/2018
Cost of the token: WeToken = 0.1 $
1 WeToken = 10 commercials on the World Wi-Fi network
Soft Cap: $ 3,500,000
Hard Cap: 25 000 000 $

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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