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Spindle - platform blockchain asset management investment

Spindle is a project aimed at establishing the relationship between the investor and the property manager based on the criteria transparency, trust and mutual benefit. For the vast majority of the community crypto, Spindle is a platform to investors looking for and put money into the hedge fund, fund ICOs and earned a profit from their activity.


Current crypto market is extremely vibrant with the appearance of hundreds of project ICO small and big with great ideas to make the world better. Market capitalization at increased to more than $600 billion, has time to evaporate only half, there are wise investors and good luck earned a lot of money, but on the contrary, the majority of people involved in crypto market in a period of 3 months back this is lost. Fluctuations in strong irregularities of the crypto market is similar with the credit crisis, global in the world of fiat in 2008 at the end of the cycle, macroeconomic entail the collapse of the financial system focus. However, in the period that are still the object obtained profits or simply preserve the property. Doesn't do anything other than the investment fund or hedge.

The fund was established, investment in the potential project, then share the net profits with those who contribute capital. Stand behind every decision is the process of collecting information, analysis, reviews of our team of experts about the market and the program forecast high level. The professional that is giving their profits extremely high, or at least limiting losses in times of market volatility, negative. This is totally in contrast with the general condition of the individual investors with numerous difficulties and shortcomings:

• There are too many news sources less transparent or obsolete;

• Don't have enough time, manpower and the ability to analyze or predict;

• Smaller investments, not taking advantage of the advantages and incentives available to large investors;

• And the most basic is that they can't change the condition of themselves due to lack of opportunity to access the investment funds in the world.

Therefore, project Spindle was born with the goal of creating a platform to connect individual investors with the hedge fund professional. Investors can enhance and benefit the larger hedge funds also reach many with investment potential, there are an additional source of financial stability to implement the optimal strategy to increase net profit and brand value.


The basic task of the Spindle as creating an environment to investors and the hedge fund approach is the same, may just need a platform, a mobile app and desktop is enough, however, the Spindle is more complicated than that so many times and contrary to very much get the original community of crypto. This also contribute to make Spindle to become a project extremely special and potential, I will try to abstract to convey in a concise manner, however since this is just initial information, the full documentation of the Spindle is Whitepaper 2.0 still hasn't launched yet, so there are many points yet to be mentioned and explained in a clear way.

• Spindle does not deny the hierarchy, but also the foundation is not hierarchical as such will sit at the position opposed to institutional state led to bear persecution and restriction of its influence. Spindle will review, analyze, stance and rules of each country for the issue of cryptocurrency to make the solution flexible. Quality Spindle not a token payment, or token add-ons absolutely not against or aims to replace fiat.

• Spindle does not have to be a centralized platform: by project have released token value and token depend on the needs of the market. At the same time Spindle also not disperse completely though using algorithm consensus PoS, even non-directional dispersion absolute by the authority on network operators to cause instability, the competition on the strength hash or manipulation from the big man on the market;

• Create a platform that helps hedge funds crypto/ICO involved promoting strategies, regulations, and organization and management investment, however, reveal the more detailed information is not mandatory, The investment freedom is access to information and opportunity to participate in the hedge fund reputation and effectively without the intervention of the 3rd intermediate;

• Use smart contracts to ensure transparency and safety, all investment information, primary and secondary levels of investors and hedge funds are recorded on the blockchain;

• Building forum and app ZETA, multiple language support to all parties, communicate, interact with each other to come to a decision the right investment, the investor can proceed to invest and track your assets anytime, anywhere;

• Offers incognito mode for the components of the platform, giving investors the freedom and hedge funds. Problem help hedge fund anonymous while still complying with the regulations and confirms the reputation is quite hard, Spindle still find a way to solve this problem;

• Develop measures to prevent this form of abuse, speculation can negatively affect the project and the future of token: set the terms of the limited investment & evaluation system, credit based on history of user cooperation with authorities to ensure legal rights best for investors;

• Orientation to help investment funds get rid of the situation closely dependent on government funds and help all investors have the opportunity to participate in the economy crypto professional, regardless of education level and quick-witted;

• Extended object ICO out the token is linked/backed by assets like gold or real estate;

• The cooperation or acquisition of the company, financial and gaming. Expected to become a virtual wallet, the environment advisor and a cryptocurrency value payments in the future in many areas;

• Cost: no fee the investment from the oligarchy organic SPA token of the platform, only collecting 1% per year from the total assets managed by hedge funds, fall into the between months 12 annual;

• No accepted method of burning (destruction) token to create a scarce author;

• Set a goal to occupy 1% of the entire investment market value $2,35 thousand billion DOLLARS by the 3rd year;

• Will temporarily operate on the blockchain Ethereum, but that are oriented to self-build a blockchain separately.

Roadmap of the Spindle also complex not least, no clear timelines which is only divided in 3 stages:

Phase 1:

1 No charges from the owner of the SPD.

2 From the hedge fund cryptocurrency join SPA, Spindle plans to 1.0% per year from the total assets managed in SPA from each hedge fund in mid-October 12 every year.

3 Assets hedge funds in November 9/2017 for traditional financial about $2,35 trillion DOLLARS. Spindle set the target handle $22,958 billion in year 3 after ICO.

Phase 2:

1 with Respect to the new fund participants want to disclose their own information, the Spindle will determine the suitability of the information and can disclose information for free or for a fee. In addition to feasibility on the technical side to disclose the information, the Spindle will not discriminate based on race, background or any of any other opinion.

2 economic cooperation or share the solution with the ICO and other cryptocurrency. This information can be released before the ICO completed.

3 announcements about alliances with researchers and scholars Fintech. This information will be released especially early in the year 2018.

4 Is accepted by the company, mobile game both in and outside the country. This information will be released especially early in the year 2018.

Stage 3:

There is the possibility that data hedge fund cryptocurrency available on the Spindle the SPA is used for Big Data and there is potential for the information it is appreciated. Therefore, information that can lead to other speculations, and its value can easily surpass the currency of the government of the developing countries in the region, such as Africa and Latin America, so that it can have global effect as an electronic currency. This set value of the Spindle form of cryptocurrency lies in the information within the blockchain of it.

For progress ICO of Spindle:

January 10, 2017: Start of Private Presales

January 12, 2017: publication, website and WhitePaper

March 3, 2018: end of Private Presales (domestic)

October 4 2018: Start selling cloud services for global markets

After June 5, 2018:

Released SPD token and distribute to purse buyers.

Launch the Beta version of SPA

Listing on the exchanges cryptocurrency

Spindle has started application development from early 2018 and is expected to launch the service right after ICO ends.


Structure pending token:

5% - Of institutional investors

15% - Team

5% - Legal & advisory

25% - Private Pre-Sale

40% - Main-Sale

10% - mergers & acquisitions & reserves

Capital allocation: in 3 years after ICO

20% - business development

5% - Legal & Regulations

20% - marketing

30% - developed technology

25% - strategy mergers & acquisitions


Masamitsu Hirai : president & Ceo

Tsunehisa Kasai : Vice president & director of operations

Takashi Koga : Ceo

Masashi Sakuma : auditors

Dariusz Chrzastowski : strategic advisory supreme

Gackt Oshiro : strategic advisory, Asian

Lina Seiche : Propaganda & PR Management


Junichiro Kawato : General Counsel

Seiji Yoshizaki : strategic advisory

Cher Chen Lung : advisor, global alliance

Fumihiko Sano : advisor Context/architecture

Hemant Kumar Setya : technology consultant

Julia Della Scala : PR advisors Crypto

Masayoshi Hashimoto : Technical, creative/technology propaganda

Spindle designed by Blackstar Group, a consortium formed by experts in finance, investment, law and technology: https://black-star.zone/jp/


Name token: Spindle Token

Code: SPD

Standard: ERC-20 (blockchain Ethereum)

Line: utilities + Blockchain?

Total supply:10 000 000 000 SPD

Softcap: 60 000 ETH (gained in Private Pre-Sale)

Hardcap: 1 581 000 ETH

Token Sale: ? – ? due to new changes

Private Pre-SaleICO: end

ICO: 01.05 – 15.05(?)

Price: 1 ETH = 3 000 SPD

Country: Japan, registered in the United kingdom

The participants Priveta Pre-Sale will be policy lock token in the first 2 months after SPD token is listed on the trading floor, open lock 3 turns, each turn 1/3 of the token.

Token initially not even be used to pay for the services on the platform, only worth doing token intermediaries involved in investing in hedge funds. Later can token become utility lines or primary payment method in ecology Spindle.


Website: https://spindle.zone/

WhitePaper: https://spindle.zone/spindlewp_en.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/spindlezone , 25 538 members

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpindleZone , 20,1 K followers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spindlespd 21 170 followers

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