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SPINDLE-transparency of investments

Hello everyone! The project recognizes that investment is very difficult for fashion professionals and investors, so the project aims to create a platform where private and non-professional investors can find huge investment funds around the world for investment and profit.

In principle, it is a kind of Fund that can also be an intermediate platform that allows users to invest smarter, especially for cryptocurrency.
With Spindle, users can invest in direct ICO / crypto projects or invest in the world's leading funds listed on the platform and benefit from the funds. The spindle platform itself does not develop self-controlled funds.

Spindle will provide tools for gathering information, analysis of market trends and assessment as well as issues of application Spindle Application Services (SPA) on desktop platforms and mobile devices, to help users to access to update the information, invest and track your assets.
SPINDLE believes that creating a fair relationship between investors and asset managers is a great way to get rid of investor confusion, asset investment and management, as well as transparency. Basic reliability will be a catalyst for many participants to actively invest / manage assets.

Currently, investment opportunities in Spinach are investing in global digital money managers, but in the future start-up companies that promise to make money and raise capital from the community will. Added to the list of investment options. SPINDLE believes that people invest in various investment options with clear goals and objectives, so that they not only get a normal return on their profits, but also enjoy the life of self-sufficiency and wealth. experience. and their contribution.

Users can freely invest, and funds participating in the Spindle platform must pay 1% of the total assets managed by the Fund. Fees are charged by mid-December of each year. This cost will be used for spindle development.
The spindle is developed by Blackstar, a company founded by financial, investment, legal and technological experts. Compared to other projects, the project is huge in order to see the overall investment market as a whole at the level of hedging / fundraising around the world.
The platform accepts payments through the user token is called the token of the spindle

The use of technology SPINDLE
It is no exaggeration to say that there is axial cryptocurrency to ensure that speculative funds cannot modify or falsify management data, but in fact, in addition to some over-the-counter, we believe that it is relatively easy to track transactions. We also consider the use of the Ethereum blockchain to record transactions and manage data for joining the cryptocurrency reserve Fund.
The various technologies used in SPINDLE will be published in detail in White Paper and 2.0. If we want to expand the concept of SHIELD,
we need to analyze and process information about the relevant information, disclosure and evaluation API cryptocurrency Fund.

The technological infrastructure of the SPINDLE;
Additional systems with basic business logic that work with events.
system administrator.
View data and indicators.
Mobile app (iOS + Android).
Web application (under development)

Detailed information about the token:
Name badge: Digital sign
code: SPD
Standard: ERC-20 (blockchain Ethereum)
Industry: Utilities
General delivery: 10000000000 SPD
ICO price: 1 ETH = 3000 SPD
ICO: 29/04 - 15:05
Cap: 60 000 ETH, earned in private sale!
Hardcap: 1 582 000 ETH

The token distribution:
5% to institutional investors
15% Tim
5% - Legal advice
25% - Personal Sales
40% - Top Sales
10% - Mergers and Acquisitions

The use of capital mobilized:
20% - business Development
5% - Legal
20% - Marketing
30% - Development of technology
25% - Mergers and acquisitions

According to Michael Novogratz of Fortress Investment Group (recently purchased by Softbank), the increase in the capitalization of the virtual currency market is exponential, and we expect that the increase in market capitalization for SPD is also unpredictable. While accurate growth is unpredictable, we must create a "predictable economic model" based on the volume of investment and declare our data through our "White paper." According to our current estimates, the capitalization of the virtual currency market for September 2017 is more than 1.72 trillion us dollars. Currently, the average growth rate of capitalization of the virtual currency is 340%, while extremely volatile, even low estimates estimate more than 4 trillion dollars over 5 years. Although we cannot predict the exact figures, with the SPINDLE list in 2018, having a 1% share in the capitalization of the virtual currency market for 5 years, will have a significant impact on the market. And with the inclusion of hedge funds (including related securities and other products) of the expected traditional financing, SPINDLE estimates the initial economic performance in the overall economic region as below.

ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3091671.0
Website : https://spindle.zone/en/
WhitePaper: https://spindle.zone/spindlewp_en.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/@spindlezone
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/spindlespd/
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/spindlezone

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