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Nzulezu meaing, "surface of the water". Nzulezu is a village in the Western Region of Ghana. It's located near the village of Beyin, about 90km away from the city of Takoradi. Nzulezu sits on Lake Tadane.


Nzulezu is one of the few ancient settlements on silts and platforms left in the world. It's one of a kind. The whole village sits on water. There are no cars nor access roads to the village. Tbe onky way to the village is with a canoe.


Nzulezu was nominate as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000 for it's importance in Anthropology. The village is open to tourism but visitations are allowed only once a week. It takes an hour to reach the village by canoe as it is extremely isolated. It is a major tourist attraction area.


According to legend, the people of Nzulezu migrated from Ouatala, a city of the acient Ghana Empire which is present day Mauritania. It is said that they were chased by another tribe from the ancient Ghana Empire and was led to their current location by a turtle. Turtles are the sacred animals of the villae of Nzulezu.


The main activities of the inhabitants is agticulture and fishing. The village has streets and avenues made out of raffia fronds and poles. They have a school, a shrine, a church and a medical facility. Thursdays are their sabbath, so there is no working on such days. Raffia palms are sacred to the people of Nzulezu as they use it to build their village.


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