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Rule by force is the problem.

The more time I spend here the more like it.

From the very earliest days of our lives we learn that violence is the way to get what we want.

It is a very rare child that doesn't learn, and learn early, that we are controlled by those around us most willing to use violence.

Why do you do what mom says?

Because she will launch shoes very accurately.

Why do you do what dad says?

Because he gets all scary when he yells.

Why do you not play behind the school after school?

Because the bullies will get you.

We allow this rule by force paradigm, despicably created to control us, to gain a foothold over our everyday lives because it is one of the oldest life lessons in our memories.

Never have we known a time that we were not kept in bounds by the referees.

We have never known freedom.

Our ancestors knew freedom.

They threw off the queen, violently.

Passive resistance did not bring about the demise of the sovereign in 'murica.

But, even then, they never knew freedom from their parents unless they moved out to do their own thing .

Your children will never learn to fly unless you push them out of the nest, or make the nest less appealing than doing it on their own.

You do not protect your children by allowing them to be dependent on you.

What will they do if you died today?

At the time of the revolution the people said enough was enough and that we were no longer going to do as we have been told.

In 'murica we threw off rule by force because we were tired of being ruled by bullies, but we let them creep back in because it is easier to accept their views of the world rather than fight and die against them.

When the revolution was complete some people, mostly former tories and other super secret agents of the king, decided that we needed a new sovereign because people just can't live without bosses.

And bosses can't boss if there are no slaves.

Rule by force was not off the table.

What good is power if there are no little people to crush?

Now, the people calling the shots knew that this was just a new boss, same as the old boss situation, immediate results were not expected of these secret super agents, time was allowed to pass so that the masses could be slowly manipulated in into accepting that having a boss is just the natural course of the world, it's always been this way, they said.

If we have the right to defend ourselves we have the right to band together and collectively protect ourselves.

In time that lie became the norm, my own father told me that you can't fight city hall.

He dutifully paid his taxes and proudly voted.

Greatest system on earth he said, having known no alternatives to it.

His idea of freedom was not what I had in mind, he went to his grave a faithful slave of the people that left him impoverished, and angry with me for having shown him the light.

We can live without bosses, but not until we convince the bosses that it's time to stop being bossy.

When you are ready to accept that being led around by the nose is not freedom, and you want to be left alone to watch your cat videos and copblocking, then you will join us in the streets.

It is ok if you leave when the violence starts, just showing up is what we need.

Not everybody can be on the frontlines of the struggle.

Somebody has to raise the chickens to lay the eggs that we throw.

Not everybody is prepared to give their life for my freedom.

S ome are, just ask Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Nestor Makhno, Ricardo Flores Magon, Baader-Meinhof, Bhagat Singh, James T Kirk, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, August Spies, Albert Parsons, Louis Lingg, Samuel Fielden, George Engel, Oscar Neebe, Michael Schwab, Adolph Fischer. 

But if you are not then please leave when those that are willing to give their lives for your freedom hit the streets.

When those that would rather fight and die than be oppressed show themselves you are free to leave, in fact, we wish you would, your videos can and are used against us in the courts of the oppressors.

Now if you would like a very good depiction of the struggle and what we are up against just watch this short video.

This is Larken Rose.

If you want to learn about alternatives to the current paradigm you will not do much better than to spend some time learning what the man has to say.

He did time in federal prison trying to free you from federal taxes.

Thank him by watching his video, and telling your friends.

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