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Callisto project overview

Greetings to my dear friends. Today I want to introduce you to a promising project. Callisto is an adhesive that is primarily aimed at helping to scale ETC and bring the protocol to a "cold stack". In the article "Incorporating innovations of blockages with attached side chains", around 2014, Adam Back and others. Where we first heard about side chains, according to the article, the main purpose of such networks is to allow the unloading of calculations from another chain, this will allow the guard dog follow your own rules, and also be able to interact with the main chain.
Smart-Contract ecosystem security

Thanks to the improved gateway service in both networks, we will be able to see Callisto intelligent contracts in the ETC chain and vice versa. This potentially innovative material, Callisto will be able to improve network security through an intellectual audit of the Ethereum community audit, which will be paid at the protocol level (equivalent to Treasury Frank contracts).
New improvements at the protocol level

Callisto will allow CLO owners to place their tokens on their purses with cold glasses to make it happen. Callisto will modify the classic Ethereum protocol via the Moonlight Protocol, where addresses are needed to lock out their coins in a smart pool contract, which will receive 10% of the total coin emission and distribute it among cold-related addresses proportional to their weight.

Callisto sidechain will also implement a chain management system for supply chain management and implementation of changes in the block chain, where the changes are encoded in the protocol, the block chain, the implementation of intranetwork management will bring several benefits, including the decentralization of the ecosystem management form and fast processing time for a consensus on the proposed changes in the network. Features Callisto

Algorithm PoW: Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash)

Interval between blocks: ~ 15 sec.
Reward per block: 600 CLO
100% compatible with the virtual machine Ethereum
The maximum volume of the issue: 6 500 000 000 CLO

Initial distribution - CLO

The ethereal classic card holders will be able to receive CLO Tokens, which will be distributed after a snapshot of the primary Ethereum schema that will occur when the classic Ethereum block becomes the key in the block 5500000, and each owner of the classic Ethereum tokens will be allocated CLO markers in a 1: 1 ratio.

Efirium Commonwealth

The team of Callisto heads Decaron and Johan Graterola, who are co-founders. Dexeran is the leader of the Ethereum community (one of the three teams of ETC development) - a financially transparent development team that helps solve the classical Ethereum infrastructure and problems in the mainchain ecosystem.


Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=856239

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