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MEVU ICO / Bounty Company

MEVU As a peer-to-peer decentralized network, MEVU allows people to wager at anything, anytime, against anyone. Change any situation

become a social bet; who can drink the fastest, who will win the next round of golf, or be the first to lose £ 10.

Without your friends, create new ones by searching or making sports bets on the MEVU global network.

MEVU brings the forecasts back to the basics of the people. That's how it should be.

We are proud to announce MEVU as Official Sponsor of the world's largest Ethereum Hackathon. It's great to meet everyone and see all the latest ETHWaterloo projects.

Blockchain improves transparency and security

Fast and automatic payments at low historical cost
Removing 3rd party gouging
Minimize the disturbance of regulation
Global leaderboards encourage competition
Blockchain improves transparency and security
Fast and automatic payments at low historical cost
Removing 3rd party gouging
Minimize the disturbance of regulation

Global leaderboards encourage competition

Identify the oracle service
From other players by move
Claiming reward and rewards rank
Patent and winning tokens of exclusive games
Send ETH contract to MVU during THIS period

To facilitate a decentralized app, the MEVU smart contract uses our MVU token to ensure that the bets are automatically completed. The MEVU token (MVU) is an integral part of MEVU's ecosystem and economy. The main function of the MVU token is that the player stakes their balance which will allow the player to become an oracle, and report the incident results. When the oracle reaches a consensus, they receive a service fee from the completed bets.


"The American Gaming Association estimates that $ 400 billion is spent annually and 99 percent is illegal." BOBBY SKOFF CO-FOUNDER FROM SWISH ANALYTICS

Many operating costs, permissions, and startup costs start a sportsbook. The client is charged with a high fee to cover these costs and also forces to face a 3rd party institution. These institutions have their own hours of waiting and costs when the resulting results have changed. In addition, due to regulatory effects, security vulnerabilities and exploitation of personal information, players and operations both damage the loss of their funds. Aside from this problem, "The American Gaming Association estimates that $ 400 billion is spent annually and 99 percent illegal" - Bobby Skoff

MEVU uses a smart Ethereum blockchain contract to store and maintain player funds and information permanently and clearly, giving players confidence that their bets are safe and fast. MEVU makes betting fun, encouraging competition by matching players against each other instead of a faceless city. Players can manage their own chances, and bet on almost anything. By cutting the cost of traditional sportsbook, and 3rd party, MEVU players experience a low history of 2%.


Another way to earn MVU is by inviting friends to become active users on the meVu platform. Once a so-called friend plays their first match on a platform, both players will get a reward. The rewards will have to pay the funds made at the end of the sales mark. The referral fund was established to get a potential 100,000 players in four years, assuming the price of MVU remains at a constant price of 0.50 cents. On top of the first of every month, meVu will adjust the amount of MVU tokens for the same $ 5 USD to be paid as a bonus. This number will be set to @ 10 base points less then what the market is trading MVU for. MVUs are more abundant in the year one and two as an opportunity for early adopters to be rewarded for creating liquidity, and contributing to the success of that network. The table below Details structure and roughly. The number of MVUs is available every year after general THIS. Plan to create a Reserves where MVU can be purchased directly from the built sites

meVu will have both a private and public THIS all the details below: Interview: meVu will re-open a private pre-sale round Hain -14 May and run up to a hardcap of 15mm MVU token reached or up July 16 to come first.meVu is redeeming funds to complete the meVu's main platform development, testing and auditing to be ready for a major net launch. The remaining funds will be used for legal fees, and marketing meVu, for general THIS. Funds raised during the private sale will be used in accordance with those charts
42% __________________ Marketing / Sales
11% __________________ Consultant / HAIutsourcing
12% __________________ Counselor
35% __________________ Developers
The meVu (MVU) Public sale sign will begin on September 10, 2018, and will run until October 22, 2018.
this will be the largest and final distribution of the MVU ERC20 mark on a THIS, and our main goal is to distribute the global MVU to promote an equally effective platform. The MVU Token will be available to interested parties at stages at different price points, depending on when the token is received.
The first week of sale is the largest discount and on September 10 at 8:00 PM MVU Est is available at a rate from 1 MVU to 34 USD Sen. On September 19th, the price of the MVU will begin to increase linearly by half from 1 cent per day until it reaches 44 USD Sen. The sale will have a hard stamp of the 45MM MVU token which when reached will soon disable additional sales. The graph below outlines the timeline in which a token is sold, the price in USD, and the amount of token

At one end of which is sold 44Juta MVU is retired. Out of 44, 3.6 MM MVU will be provided for referrals and reward rankings, 2 MMakan will be provided for gifts, an additional 6 MMakan will be provided to the advisory team , 2mm MVU is allocated to team funding subject to an 18-month period holding, paid out quarterly as long-term incentives to meet the milestones we have laid out on MM map.4.6 MVU will be directed to a Fund User Adoption, 13 MM MVU will be reserver for partnership and the remaining 13 MM MVU will be in cash. The token is only available if it is sold on October 22, 2018.
There will also be special campaigns associated with the FIFA World Cup. Users who publish on our BETA and correctly predict the world of gaming trophies will be rewarded with the MVU Token. More details coming, closer to launching meVu BETA in June!

The experience of our team comes from the business that we build in the financial and technological sectors. After introducing Ethereum in 2016 through industry leaders, we realize the potential of bringing ideas to change the game just like us to live. From the start of working with MEVU, we became members of our local Ethereum community, and really became blockchain fans. We will continue to build MEVUs until we realize the future vision of our online bets. A fully decentralized peer-to-peer platform.

Project links

WEB: https://www.mevu.bet/
WHITEPAPER: https: //www.dropbox.com/s/rqa6wxzozpdvzyx/meVuwhitepaper.pdf? Dl = 0
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/FKcKRUwJ1_T8zMK2Lueu3A
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mevu_bet
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/betmevu/

Author: sourris01
My profile on BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=856239

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