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Minerva is a new form of "smart money", which uses the mechanism of reverse transaction fees

Introducing the Minerva project
Minerva ICO Indonesia, ICO Minerva information in Indonesian. ICO / TokenSale / CrowdSale. the generosity minerva of Minerva is a singular uniqueness. This platform is designed to reverse the trade process. Minerva will pay the transaction fee to the party leading the business, while the user does not pay the alias for free. Thus, Minerva works like the use of the Proof Of Transaction algorithm, where a person receives a token only through a transaction. This is a very fresh solution, which became the main habit for the crypto-currency universe, especially the user of crypto-currency. Welcome to Smart Finance based on Ethereum Blockchain. Minerva imposes a tax on each payment that will be used for the operating costs of the platform. Minerva also implements Smart Contract technology for the process of rewarding transaction participants.

The first business goal of the integration of the Minerva platform is real-time streaming, which generates an average of $ 20 million per month with an active user of more than 10 million users. At the same time, Minerva will conduct comparisons before integrating the Minerva platform and integrating the Minerva platform so customers can distinguish benefits. Later, Minerva will also expand to expand all business categories to become part of the Minerva Smart Money Alliance (MSMA).

How the Minerva works

It's no secret that services that accept crypto currency (even bitcoins and ethers) are not so much. Therefore, the Minerva platform decided to stimulate them to this by introducing incentives for each transaction using tokens. This scheme of work should be of interest to everyone: companies buying the tokens of this project will stimulate the growth of their demand and, accordingly, prices, and their customers or partners will get additional opportunities - they will be able to pay for goods and services with coins.

In addition to the OWL tokens that will be used to reward companies that are members of the Minerva platform, it will rotate 2 more types of coins: Minerva Volatility Protocol (MVP) tokens and voting tokens. MVP tokens will be sold during times of price reduction in order to balance the existing offer. Voting votes will be exchanged by "voting" users at the current OWL / USD exchange rate. The speed at which the OWL token is part of the economy is called the "profit margin". The rate of return is directly proportional to the OWL price: as the price rises, the yield rises.

The main difference between Minerva and Bitcoin is that Minerva is designed to reward a platform that gets its OWL tokens with reverse transaction costs, and also responds to serious problems with the main crypto application. Minerva is a platform, and OWL tokens are a currency. In addition to crypto currency, we are the world's first reversible processor. Read more about the Minerva business model in White paper (link https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf).

By the way, here's how the main idea of ​​Minerva was voiced by one of its founders and the general director is Kevin McShihan:

"Paying partner fees for transactions, we thereby give them more room for maneuver, so that they better serve their customers, give them bonuses and discounts. The essence of our platform is that the use of OWL tokens by you and your customers allows you to increase your income. "

The main trump card of Minerva is that it can offer enterprises and companies additional incentive, if they in turn will use platform tokens, as a method of calculation. In any case, the project is worthy idea and professional team.

Minerva released a Minerva token with an OWL ticker, which is a token on the basis of the Ethereum ERC20. Convenient compatible purse holders, such as MetaMask, Parity, Mist and MyEtherWallet for mutual transfer of OWL tokens. A total of 100M OWL tokens will be released, and the public token distribution is 60M OWL. The normal price of Minerva Token is 0.75 USD / 1 OWL, and the price for pre-sale is 0.6 USD / 1 OWL. The maximum goal that can be achieved is 35 million US dollars. While there is no clarity regarding the ICO period, for those who are interested in buying OWL tokens

Project Contacts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinervaToken/
Telegram: https://t.me/minervachat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minervatoken
WebSite: https://minerva.com/#team
Whitepaper https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=856239

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