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FLOGmall is an e-commerce platform


The FLOGmall platform is touted to be a “revolution in the e-commerce and investment world”. It’s mission? To completely change the goods and services market. It is a multi-faceted free of charge online ecosystem that connects sellers and customers of Products and services with tokens worldwide, by using extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, as well as the interest of the largest sellers and even the most ordinary of users around the world. The platform aims to eliminate payment commissions also, payments for advertisement placements, which is arguably one of the hugest drawbacks of both the crypto space and the world of e-commerce!

ICO Details

The total supply of Mallcoin (MLC) is limited to 250,000,000. Two hundred and fifty million tokens; MLC can be purchased directly on the platform website without the use of exchanges. This feature is made possible by an algorithm called ATES and it is created for token purchasers at the points of Private sale, pre-ICO and ICO stages.

FLOGmall is currently at the stage of its ICO and the token distribution is going to be as follows; Development team 10% Bounty and bonus system 7% Reserve fund 9% ICO participants 74%.

The pre-sale took place at December 14 – January 14 2017 tokens up sale was 12.5 million at the price of 1ETH – 6000MLC with soft cap of $500,000 and hard cap of 1,000,000. Pre-ICO took place from 22 February to 22 March 2018 tokens for sale was 35million at the price of 1 ETH – 3000MLC soft cap of 2,500,000 and hard cap of 5,000,000. The ICO will command a sale of 137million tokens for the price of 1ETH – 2000MLC and will take place from 26 April to 26 June 2018, commanding a soft cap of 5,000,000 and a hard cap of 18,000,000. You can participate in the ICO by purchasing (MLC) with ETH BTC or KickCoin and there are up to 30% token Bonuses when you buy earlier. More details can be found at the website https://flogmall.com/ or via the FLOGmall whitepaper https://flogmall.com/wp/


E-commerce platforms nowadays seem like the same basic dreary catalogue of products and a myriad of pictures in different categories, nothing really is wrong with that though because it has worked and it still works, but the FLOGmall e-commerce platform is going to do you one better; a complete change up to a video based stores to offer you their goods and services. Think of it as a Youtube-like way of shopping, more immersive and involving and transparent this platform special eliminates a ton of buyer doubts towards goods advertised by seller.

Here are some of the ways the FLOGmall video feature can be used.

A store can showcase themselves in their base of operations, office or It’s beauty and unique setup will appeal to FLOGmall users and thereby increase your trust index on the platform

Announce your products with short videos that will inspire customers to place an

FLOGmall presents itself as a platform of buying selling and connecting while giving investors, buyers, sellers, traders, enthusiasts and crypto holders a medium of reality to their tokens and an advantage in whatsoever category you find yourself.

The added medium of using a myriad of crypto currencies to pay for goods and services without having to exchange into a specific crypto currency is surely to boost this new take on the wide e-commerce eco system.

Run advertisements with your videos which are automatically watermarked by FLOGmall

Running of real time video sales of goods and services via auctions and games so as to engage customers in your

More details can be found on their whitepaper.

Team and Advisors

Aleksey Khayrutdinov is the progenitor of the FLOGmall project and is a man that has vast knowledge coupled with experience in the e-commerce space having founded topzakazz.biz an online store and fulfillment service. He specializes in the successful implementation of e-commerce projects and has also been in retail. The columniation of his experience is more than a decade. Due to his realization on the imbalance of the protected interests of a few and an in depth study of what his customers think, he decided that there needed to be a change. Security on all sides of the e-commerce spectrum and availability that transcends countries and jurisdictions all facilitated through blockchain technology.

He has successfully put together a team of like-minded entrepreneurs that have worked in the e- commerce system for more than 5 years to achieve the FLOGmall project, and boasts of an actual e- commerce company topzakazz.biz that has offices in Russia and China.

The FLOGmall project boasts of an equally impressive advisory board with the likes of A. Pierre Yurow, a mobile industry and Silicon Valley veteran, Gunaseelan Mani, E-commerce and marketplace enthusiast. Product Management with Dell. Previously with eBay & BNYMellon and Kovalenko Anna Vladimirovna an associate Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics and of the Department of Computer Technologies Applied mathematics of Kuban State University with a host of other brilliant minds who understand what makes projects like this tick, and will advise FLOGmall into fruition. For more team members please visit the website https://flogmall.com/ or via the FLOGmall whitepaper https://flogmall.com/wp/


In the budding ecosystem of ecommerce facilitated via the blockchain and tokenization, FLOGmall is a beacon, with the team to back up with previous successes, the revolutionary implementation of their video stores, trust rating system, and the fact that they have a working product which aims to give even other alt-coins a feeling of actual value through the buying and selling of goods and services, all I can say is that the platform can only get better, paving the way for the true worth of cryptocurrencies to shine forth.

Site - https://flogmall.com
Whitepaper - https://flogmall.com/wp
Bitcointalk ANN Thread - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2772079
Telegram - https://t.me/flogmallru

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