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A2B Taxi  - компания, которая перевернёт индустрию такси (A2B Taxi — a company revolutionizing taxi industry)

[Небольшое представление компании A2B Taxi. Кстати, в данный момент идёт их ICO, поучаствовать в котором, можно, перейдя по ссылке: https://a2btaxi.io/]  


Hello, world!

A2B Taxi is one of many taxi companies, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We are fresh and quite successful competitors in the industry for several years, well-known for our green vehicles which make even the gloomiest day brighter. Our services are high-quality and loved by locals and visitors.

Okay, that was the boring part. You have probably asked yourself: “So what? I like some other companies or even some other trendy platforms which require only an app and a bank card. Why do I have to change my habits?” Well, as we seek to get rid of all the confusions which might arise, it is a huge pleasure to answer all these questions.

First of all, the industry of taxi services was almost dead just a few years ago. Various platforms of private drivers were the leaders in this sector, as it seemed to be more convenient for many customers. Easier calling, easier payment — what else could an ordinary person need? However, facing legal issues completely changed the game, but it did not mean that the comeback of traditional taxis would be as simple as a-b-c. It was, let’s say, closer to rocket science. Since we are in love with the toughest challenges and we decided to become the best player in this field.

What did happen further? We chose to provide the best service in the biggest cities in Europe. One of the most significant problems our industry faces is the lack of united system. Can you imagine coming to another city as a curious tourist or as a serious professional, all dressed up for a business conference, but not able to have a proper taxi service? We experienced this issue countless times, hence, we want you to avoid it! Our goal is to create a system, similar in more than 40 European cities with the population above 500,000 people. With a little help of it you can commute from A to B calmly and conveniently. No worries — our professional drivers and new cars will contribute to that with pleasure! All taxi companies across Europe are seriously encouraged to join the A2B platform in order to ensure prestigious service.

Another essential we want to present is even more exciting. All customers of A2B Taxi will have a unique opportunity to invest. As far as ordering a car is concerned, apps are more successful than old school phone lines or waving hands in streets. No wonder that we are building our success on technologies. Apart from the well-developed A2B app, we are going to announce the ICO soon. Yes, you heard correctly! There will be a chance to invest in the specially designed cryptocurrency at the same time as you are taking a ride — you can pay for each trip with the tokens, released by A2B Taxi. Think about it — joining the world of the hottest trend in financial technologies in an ultimately casual way. Sounds amazing, right?

Even if you are not that keen on getting our tokens, we are more than happy to offer another opportunity. In the very beginning, you will be able to complete all payments by your credit or debit card. Eventually, this method will be cancelled, as A2B Taxi, as a technologically savvy business, will tend to use the cryptocurrency in order to pay for all trips. We are more than sure that this step will help in being exceptional in this competitive sector and in attracting more customers.

As you see, A2B Taxi is more than ready to make the industry of traditional taxis great again. Having the prestige and safety mixed with the latest technological innovations, there is probably no better key to enormous success. Interested? More information: https://a2btaxi.io

Originally published at medium.com on Nov 29, 2018.

WebSite: https://a2btaxi.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/a2btaxitoken

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