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Girl Talk

Over the years all of us girls have long evenings with girl talk. Important nights I find these. Yeah guys, this does not mean that you guys have to leave this discussion, this is just a ventilation or maybe even a slight look inside the female brain. I welcome you to join in!


Key ingredients for a girls night: Wine and just a small group

Okay let me start with acknowledging this. A lot of my better friends are guys and for some reason I fit in as one of the dudes I guess, maybe because I am easy going, maybe because I am not into most typical girly stuff but also a lot into technology...I don't reallly know.
But how much I love my male friends, nothing can ever top an evening with the girls talking about life.

And that talking about life is totally what this post is actually about. It is about the topics and the frequency that are changing these years compared to the years before.

When in our early twenties it was mostly about study issues and which guy looked at us in the bar and ofcourse the inevitable 'how on earth are we gonna pay for our studies without loosing the option of still going out and buying the newest Tshirts.' Meetups are almost weekly, and part of the regular schedule.

In our later twenties these discussions turned into where to eat good, and people started getting married so talking about preparations on the weddings. We all had our first steady jobs so vacations became a steady topic in those nights. And we would appreciate the nights together more, because it wasn't such a given fact that meeting up was so easy anymore.

Our beginning thirties our lives were all taking totally different turns with friends getting families, and people moving away to different places. Meeting up is starting to get catastrophicly difficult because everybody is very occupied with their own lives, but this is also totally fine for all of us, because we know friendship is not about how often you see each other. Topics are how work is eating us all away, if we should consider changing jobs because we have the 7 year work-itch. Not too much how the kids are doing because we are happy to have some time for ourselves and talk about 'adult issues'

And now in our mid thirties these girls evenings seem more valuable then ever. Frenquency is also low due to distance, but the ones closer by try to meet up more often. Topics are burn outs, inability to have children in combo with all the stress that it gives on relationships, terminally ill parents or deceised parents, new jobs, and divorces with allomony. The ones happily living the easy life with the family stay silent because of shame that everything is going so well, and try to offer moral support. For some reason these years which should be the glory years where everyone should have their stuff in place, the reality is that we all seem to need each other more than ever because girl talk is supportive but full of reflection.

Read and observe Gentlemen

And this is exactly the reason why girls should have their quality time. Read what is spoken about in these kinds of nights. It is valuable stuff in which we value each others opinion and not just about the latest gossip about Harry and Meghan. Life is evaluated in these meet ups!

So never forget to let your girl meetup with her girls!

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