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The Sulawesi Tsunami, and why you should give this attention as well

I guess there are only things that are bigger bitches than hurricanes: Tsunamis and Earthquakes

The reason why you ask?

Because there are there all of a sudden without hardly any pre signals. Hurricanes you can see comes up for a couple of days, but these ones are there all of a sudden. And often tsunamis come after earthquakes, which means double trouble!

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Last week the Indonesian island of Sulawesi got hit by a 7.4 earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami. I can only think about how devastating this can be.

Sulawesi is not the richest island of Indonesia and also not the one with the best infrastructure. An unknown amount of people (more than 800 for sure at the moment and counting) have died by the force of the water, multiple bodies are every day found under the mud, and a lot of cities have not been in contact with the outside world as yet, so we don't even know what is going on there. Also ofcourse the outbreak of diseases after this, and people dying from malnutician (which are normally not calculated in the total body count) shoud not be forgotton at all.

If you watch images like this of what happened you can can only imaging how scared people must have been

Now the thing is why I think they can use all the help they can get:

Remember the Tsunami in 2004 in Thailand? That had an enormous amount of exposure because it also was in Christmas time and because it was in a touristy area. Even while it got a lot of media attention it still took a tremendous amount of time for the region to recover and I read stories about people still diving up bodies a year later and bringing them back to an empty ghost town.

Now Sulawesi has some resources in the form of coconutoil plantation and in the ground iron, copper and choal. That will hopefully remain to keep exporting. But apart from that, this gigantic disaster will most likely be forgotten by the world in no time, and that is not fair. Hundreds of people died and from thousands of others their livelyhood is distroyed.

And that is not fair.

And that is why we all should reach out a bit. Are there any active members in that region that we can crypto to? Spreading the message also already helps! I choose to also send fiat to the Dutch Red Cross!

'But people are always so negative about the Red Cross'

I know a lot of people think this. But reality is that last year I myself was dependent on Red Cross food while being at work after hurricane Irma on the island of Sint Martin. And damn, I was glad they were there, I have seen personally what they have achieved. And that surely made a difference in what I was able to eat and was able to give to my patients. To me the Red cross deserves support!!

Reach out guys, spread awareness, or donate what you can to these people in need in Indonesia!!

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