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Monochromes a different look of the flowers of the earth without evil

Source: Family album

Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. This is my participation in "Tuesday black and white images day", Today I want to present a different look at one of the beautiful things that the earth has without evil Flowers! In my province we are living the best season of the year. Spring, our city is beautiful and colorful, the cord of the coast is embellished by the flowers of the different trees that houses the land of taragui.

I do not know if there is a promised land after death, if it had to be a place very similar to my land, to live here today is to live in paradise. My land hosts different species of flowers like this beautiful specimen that belongs to the families of the "fabaceas" or "legumes", their species groups trees, shrubs, herbs. Known for its "cosmopolitan" distribution in more than 700 genera and higher than the 19,000 species, one of the most important families after the "Asteraceae" has two scientific names the first is "B. candicans "then it was changed to" Bauhinia forticata "In my province we know it as cow's foot or ox's hoof

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Sublime flowery tree of my land, of simple aspect, colorful and pure, its white color predominates the purity of the flower, a beautiful tree that beautifies many places of my country Argentina and other surrounding areas "Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Chaco, Córdoba, Corrientes, Federal District, Entre Ríos, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, Mendoza, Misiones, Salta, Santa Fe, San Juan, Tucumán ", Brazil" Paraná, Rio Grande Do Sul, Santa Catarina ", Paraguay" Alto Paraná, Caaguazú, Cordillera, Itapúa ", Mexico" Nuevo León "and Uruguay" Montevideo, Paysandú, Rocha, Salto ".


I present to you this beautiful plant of my land, it is "Bougainvillea" is very popular throughout this area of ​​the universe, it can develop very well, it only needs a guide to be able to grow, it does it through its ability to "creep" the height that can reach is surprising, more than 10 meters high, pose a woody trunk and some thorns, but very sporadic, does not need much care, can grow on almost all types of land, in wet areas is always covered with green leaves and in areas of drought it remains without leaves, only its branches. Here we know it with the name of Santa Rita or flower of paper.

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This is a noble tree, colorful and full of history, I am referring to the "pink lapacho" its scientific name is "Tabebuia impetiginosa". It has its ancestry in the families of the "Bignoniaceae". The "lapacho" is one of the 70 "species" that has its genus, is native to the "intertropical of America", can be found from "Mexico to Argentina", the southernmost country in the world, a very representative tree, has in charge of representing "Paraguay" and "Venezuela" as their "national flower"

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Finally, but not least, this beautiful flower, one of the "30 species" that make up its genus, its scientific name is "Brunfelsia pauciflora" has its ancestry in the families of the "Solanaceae" from the "tropical areas of America" ", To appreciate for several days its flowers can be very surprising, gives daily bright colors that change as the days go by, when it blooms it becomes a purple color, then migrates to a light blue to finish whitish, its mixtures of colors makes it worth observing

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I really like black and white images, I think the flowers of my land look beautiful in it, a different way of seeing the beauty of the earth without evil

I hope that my writing has been to your liking.

I wish you all happiness and prosperity

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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