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ESSENTIA- have control over your data.


The masterpiece of data harmonization is the center sphere of the Essentia. The Essentia blockchain platform is the essential element of fusion and combination of different data components. Thus, the Essentia is all about data management and synergies. This is clearly the projected outcome of the Essentia blockchain cryptocurrency platform. The Essentia is the solution base or foundation of the present data management processes and data payment validity system. The platform is the bridging gap of all activities and most certainly the way forward on the way use of data in all generality can be properly managed and harnessed. This establishes the mission, vision and main objective of the Essentia blockchain cryptocurrency platform.


The Essentia is basically all about connecting the missing links and closing all the gaps of data value in a monetary fashion for people all over the world. The platform is here on the blockchain to close the gap and make the data value of all individuals a financial asset to them. This is the clear cut value stance of the essentia. The Essentia cryptocurrency platform is built on two components which are the synergies and essences. The both are the two coupling structure leading to a solution framework for the users. It thus represents the issue and challenges present with payment, value pricing and data privacy usage by corporations and agencies globally. This is basically what the Essentia represent. It is a decentralized system of operations built on the technical Ethereum ERC20 paradigm using the tokenization smart contract framework for users.


The Essentia platform in this section hopes to iterate the challenges comprehensively been faced by users on issues of personal and corporate data management. The challenges are in this fashion. Firstly all data on the internet presently are scattered and with different platform not compatible in sharing these information. This like a clear standing data nodes that cannot be used together. It is another factor for the emergence of the Essentia. Furthermore, the innovation compliance of new and other technology seems to be a major challenge at all times when data are synced between the old and new technologies. This happens to be a major problem in the data market. Also, data is like the oil, it is the oil of the twenty-first (21) century. It is the individual's right and tool to harness together. However, linking, creating a sync and objectively using it is a challenge to re-modify existing models and paradigms. Thus solutions are the focus and the Essentia is the nug for it.


The Essentia represents data synergy and essence solutions. Hence is solves the problems of inability of data interoperability and a well defined, synced and created data model. This is done by its two framework nodes. The first is the synergies, hence Essentia uses it to link, create and merge different data components and platforms for the users. It represents a link to different resources and modules systems. The link is built on the place of data sharing and sync management. The second is the essences which uses individual and corporate data value set in creating links by smart contracts, interlinked permissions, and data Sub IDs in the value chain. This serves as the triggering point holistically for the users and organisations across the globe and via the internet.


The Essentia platform has a modular feature of adaptability and expansion through its node and syncs. They are adopted by platform expansion tools etc. Furthermore, on Essentia data property right belongs to essentially the users. Thus, data right and value margin is paid back and paid for. The KYC node is synced on the Essentia through its scalability components. The Essentia features also a multi-chained device in one place such as the Ethereum bitcoin etc all synced in one place of web composition. This delivers the acceptability and compatibility stance of the Essentia platform.


The Essentia use cases are basically useful to individuals and companies. Thus, it deals with passwordless login abilities and a seamlessly well designed KYC sync. It further provides companies with Oracle systems framework for its smart contract dealings and transactions without any limitations to dealings etc. Essentia provides a GDPR compliance mechanism for the users and companies. This provides the established relive been faced by the present day data management prospects. Hence, the token details and supply are relative as Essentia provides 1.7 Billion ESS tokens, which has sold a whopping 595 million tokens already. It uses the Ethereum ERC20 paradigm for all exchanges and trading. Furthermore the token distribution is clearly iterated in the image one(1) below.
CaptureToken Distribution.JPG
Image 1; Token distribution details (image credit; www.essentia.one,2018).


The Essentia will implement a master-node system for token unlocking levels. This levels comes with its fees and hence at a 15% ranking at a projected running for seven (7) years. The levels include master-node of hundred (100) thousand ESS tokens at a 2000 node expected release and within a 10 second block reward. This thus validates the essence and synergy functionality of the Essentia blockchain platform.

For the Essentia blockchain cryptocurrency roadmap is kindly hit the link, (https://essentia.one/)

Website: https://essentia.one/
Whitepaper: https://essentia.one/whitepaper_draft.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2704531
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Essentia_one
Telegram: https://t.me/essentia_one
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/essentiaone/

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