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ICO review - Karmatoken 🚀

💥Dear friends, I welcome everyone to my blog! Today I will talk about a very exciting ICO project. We will discuss how Karmatoken implements blockchain technologies in the service provision industry, and we will also talk in detail about the details of the ICO.20479885_341179552982966_9042925378438722139_n.jpg
🚀 Karmatoken created in 2016 is the logical evolution of one of the firsts crypto-currencies back in 2014 : KarmaCoin. After many projects in 2014, some team members decided to fork Karmacoin (X11) to benefit of the new blockchain technologies. Karmatoken was born, first as a Counterparty asset, then swapped in 2016 as a ERC20 token, using the lasts advantages of Ethereum network.

  • Karmatoken is about receiving and giving. The more you give and do, the BETTER things will happen in your LIFE. You may have bought some environmentally friendly products, you may have received some for GOOD actions, or got some as gifts for your business or organization. Karmatoken is not just about currency and money, it is also a real way to express GOOD actions. Do not forget to securing your token in the wallet, for security advice, click on this page.
  • If you have some Karmatoken, that is a GOOD reason! The more human beings evolved, the stronger their influence on other living beings and in our immediate environment. The crypto-currency brings a number of new economic rights to everyone. This is a real revolution and you can be a part of it. Welcome to the intelligent and responsible community of crypto-currency: KARMA GOOD PEOPLE

🚀 ICO Details

  • Start March 22 and will last until April 10
  • Tolen name - KNT
  • Token price - 1KTN=$0.028
  • Token type - ERC20
  • 184 000 000 total supply
  • 29 000 000 actual circulating supply
  • Softcap - 20 BTC
  • Hardcap - 460 BTC

💥Why is it worth supporting this project:

  • The team of Karmatoken, absolutely all of its employees are working for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not lose sight of. Indeed, at the current moment, when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important.
  • All the prototypes made by the team of developers of Karmatoken are in the public domain, now you can get acquainted and try this system.
  • Karmatoken participates in every possible crypto, blocking forums, conclude serious contracts.
    After reading this blog, you probably will have questions. Be sure to bury them in the official sources of Karmatoken:

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📘 Whitepaper
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