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Earn BTC Daily - Pivot App for Read Articles-4 BTC daily distribution- No investment

Pivot app is distributing 4 BTC daily to its user for reading article, refer your friend without any investment.

It is a mobile app.

Easy to use

No investment

10 mins per day is sufficient

Get Pivot points by reading the article and by referring the friends.

Pivot points will be converted to BTC everyday as per below calculation
Total BTC earned = (Your Pivot points earned for the day/total pivot points earned by all users)* 4 BTC
Example -
your PIVOT points in one day= 20,000
Total Pivot points earned by all users = 2,00,00,000
So bitcoin earned by you = (20,000/2,00,00,000) X4 = 0.004 BTC

BTC will be credited into your wallet. which can be withdrawn.

4 BTC distribution is only for 1 month. Pivot(PVT) Token will be credited afterwards.

Procedure to use pivot apps

download apps in the mobile, click below referal link of PIVOT App.

Login by google user name.

start reading articles and and click read button at the end of every article.

send referral code to your friends and receive 10000 PIVOT points.

If you have any issues during login and use, message me.

Once again I am adding link to download


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