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How to Install a Bitcoin.com Wallet for iOS Smartphones

Install a Bitcoin.com Wallet for iOS
The nice thing about a Bitcoin.com wallet is its ease of use, its simplicity. Nearly three million folks have appreciated the clearly identifiable buttons and intuitive interface. Veterans appreciate those too as they go about evangelizing the money revolution that is cryptocurrency. An economy of space is immediately noticeable.

Bitcoin Wallet Installation for iOS Smartphones

Step 1: Point your browser to Bitcoin.com. Prominently visible is Get a Free Wallet. Click that. Up will come a screen choice of phone platforms. Apple smartphone users will select “App Store.” Prompted to open the App Store, clicking “Open” will then reveal the “Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin.com.” There are reviews, a few pictures of its features, etc. Press “Get.”

Always Back Up Pass Phrases
Step 2: Like any other app, once it is installed, press “Open.” Bitcoin wallets will be ready for personalization. Since free BCH awaits in just a few clicks, press “Bitcoin Cash.” Click “New Personal Wallet,” and title it. In this example, it’s “Personal.” A wallet icon will appear to its left on the next screen rendition. Pressing that icon will bring up the balance screen. Notice the bar “Wallet not backed up.” This is a critical step in being financially free in the way BCH was meant. Take the time to follow the prompts, writing down the key words. Should anything happen to the wallet or phone, those words will be the key to unlocking the funds and creating or restoring a new wallet.

Step 3: The Bitcoin.com wallet is famous for its warnings, and they’re important to heed. Keep that backup phrase hidden, out of plain view. Of equal importance is realizing screenshots are not very secure. A hacked phone, for example, would be easy pickings if the key words were spotted. Other apps often take inventory of screenshots and photographs, remember.

Free Bitcoin Cash
The Bitcoin Wallet has a few features beyond just sending and receiving coins. Users are also able to take advantage of games, read up on the ecosystem’s most important news, join a mining pool, and even check Satoshi Pulse for market action and charts.

Step 4: Click Free Bitcoin Cash. The next screen will be of the Bitcoin.com Faucet. In the good old days of bitcoin core (BTC), faucets were ways to baptize a newer user into the crypto space. Small amounts of BTC, which would later turn into fairly substantial sums as the coins appreciated in value, were distributed to get folks started. It is in that spirit Bitcoin Cash was created. It’s a chance to observe the power of being one’s own bank in real time. No identification needed. No government approval. No minimum balance. No credit check. And since the iOS wallet was already installed, it’s now a good time to get some BCH in there. Click “I have it!” To prevent abuse of the faucet, a somewhat unique identifier needs to be presented. In this case, it’s a Google sign-in. Follow the prompts.

Step 5: When prompted, press “How do I copy my address?” Once the receive BCH address is created, copy it, and then paste it in the field. Click “Receive Bitcoin Cash.” To also prevent bots and spammers, wallet users are asked to prove their human-ness. Click the appropriate pictures. And within seconds, the experience of close to one hundred thousand people all over the world happens, free BCH. Welcome to the revolution.

Have you downloaded a wallet yet? Ever used a crypto faucet? Let us know in the comments below.

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