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Yobit crypto exchange

Hi everybody!
In this post I want to share my trading experience on this exchange. I'll tell you why it's not possible to trade on it, but using it sometimes you can increase your capital. I hope this information will be useful to you. P.S. Sorry for my English.

General information

Site: https://yobit.net/
Сreated: 2015-2016
2FA: available
API: available


  1. Very low speed of the site
    1. Low trading volumes. Usually everything is centered around 5-10 coins, which are now in a trend.
    1. Slow technical support
    1. No support by tradingview. Uncomfortable graphics.

All this makes it impossible to trade regular on this exchange (If you treat trading seriously). BUT then I'll tell you why I still use this exchange from time to time


  1. There is no need verification by some documentations for deposit and withdrawal. !!!
    1. This exchange is often used for organized PUMPs. Administration does not fight with it like bittrex for example. (if you like it Wink)
    1. The coin rate is 5-20% higher than on other exchanges. (not always sure) !!!
    1. low commission (0.2%)
    1. Support each fork. Quickly and honestly. !!! (I just have a bit of bitcoin there and quite often I get some shitcoins)

Сonclusion and application

This exchange is definitely not the best option for permanent trading. But it can be useful to you in the following cases:

  1. Trading an extremely small amount (if you are a beginner for example)
    1. If you do not want to be verified (for many reasons)
    1. If you are interested in trading on the difference between the rates of different exchanges
    1. If you want to get coins for hardforks fast and guaranteed !!!
    1. If you organize pumps or you want to participate in them

Now I use this exchange only to get coins for the hardforks that interest me. And I get not a bad profit on this. For example: the previous ETZ fork I received only on yobit, and selling at a good price earned a profit of 25%. And if the coin is not scam, then on this exchange, in my experience, it will appear much earlier than on others. In other words, if I want to participate in an hardfork, then I transfer coins to this exchange to get them exactly.

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