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Mixin Network

The Blockchain revolution came with it a lot of perks and benefits. Finance is now being redistributed without just a few having the control over it. We have total control of our assets and about how we spend or not spend it. This has given the Blockchain and especially Bitcoin a lot of exposure and adoption, with Bitcoin achieving an all-time market cap in 2017.

With adoption came the attendant issues that come with it. insufficient transaction capacity, slower confirmation and higher transaction fees. This made Developers aiming to fix these issues invent Ethereum, Blockchain 2.0. Monero, Stellar etc were also aimed at fixing these issues. But did they?

Lightning Network, Liquid Project from Blockstream, Raiden Network have all been touted to attempt to fix some of the issues.

“Mixin is proposing a solution that empowers the popularly distributed ledgers”

The Mixin Project is one I came to hear about in Passing. Looking at most other Projects and you’ll be bored with the recycling of ideas, but this caught my attention. While other Projects promises to improve on the Bitcoin Blockchain etc and ending up in the same quagmire, Mixin isn’t aiming to be another Cryptocurrency or anything like that. its solution is a whole lot different.

The Mixin Network is a multi-layer distributed network with security so tight that even with daily usage, we are assured of the security of our tokens compared to external exchanges.


I downloaded the Mixin Messenger and I was amazed at the simplicity and usefulness. You can easily share and transfer your tokens between friends at almost zero fees while having fun chatting. You can also store Multi Blockchain tokens on the App, unlike most other wallets that only allow one Blockchain at a time. The exchange is another wonderful feature I find convenient. You can easily trade your tokens all in one easy Interface. Little wonder the App already has over 1 million users.

You might ask what’s so different about Mixin Messenger as opposed to other Social messaging Apps. With Mixin, you can store all kinds of Cryptocurrency while others support only RMB Payments. Unlike other Apps that are centralized, Mixin is Decentralized with its network built on the Blockchain.

The Mixin App is an App that Newbies to Cryptocurrency will find easy and convenient to use. This will welcome them into this complex world in an easy and smooth ride.

I was wondering why I’ve heard so little about Mixin before now even though they’re in top 100 in CMC, and my interest got piqued and I decided to check them out on their social media. Unlike most Projects that face the community and build it so as to increase the hype, Mixin faced the technical aspect of the Project knowing that with a sound application, users and community will surely come. And I must say this way is the right way other projects should follow. Unlike Some Projects that would only want to develop within their location, Mixin team is looking to expand into other areas.

This article is just to get you familiar with The Mixin Project as an introduction. In my next article, I’ll be talking about the partnerships, where Mixin token is listed, the team, the Token and so many other important information. Be Prepared to be mind blown.

Mixin is a non-centralized mobile messenger designed to store and send encrypted messages from one user to another through advanced encryption protocols. Basically, the most effective and easiest way to enter the world of pre-coding is to break down the whole hierarchy and its distributed journaling technology - blockchain into simpler objects. So the Mixin project has nothing to do with what we just said, our review below will give you the answer.

What is Mixin?
How does the Mixin network work?
Details about ICO Mixin PLEASE
Who are the people behind Mixin?
Where is Mixin listed?
What is the current exchange rate for Mixin?
Invest in MIXIN safe or not?
What is Mixin?
Mixin is a network built on the BFT-DAG network (which owns the industry's best Trusted Execution Environment) to connect active blockchain Unlimited throughput. You can find the platform to download on Google Play if you own an Android phone and if you own an iOS you can download it on the App Store at any time. You can also follow them on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Share and Email.

The primary coding currency used to pay for the purchase and service costs in the platform is PLEASE COIN. Ordinary users at the platform will not be charged, but when they use developer apps in the platform, they will be charged. If developers want their applications in Mixin to be developed, they also have to spend 10,000 APR to create initial trust.

How does the Mixin network work?

This platform is designed to give people a fair platform, created on a decentralized network - built for the purpose of processing transactions and contracts in seconds. This is a p2p system that will help third parties to use the system successfully and safely through the use of contracts. The purpose of this platform is to provide an extremely secure and decentralized environment where people can make exchanges and transactions absolutely secure.

The Mixin network consists of different high performance distribution ledgers, with a core ledger called "kernel" and supporting ledgers called "domain" and "domain extension" domain extensions).

Domains are ports that provide assets from Bitcoin, Ethereum, other blockchains, and even central banks into "multipliers." The "Personnel" will then be responsible for verifying and adjusting their properties and transactions.

Domain extensions are the distributed journal stores Ethereum, EOS, other blockchain smart contracts, and trusted applications.

Mixin Kernel (Multiply Mixin)

Multiply is the core component of the Mixin network. It uses a periodic graph design in the direction of expanding digital asset transactions.

DAG technology - A non-circular direct graph is a structure that consists of nodes connected together in a non-linear pattern. With DAG, information is dispersed using the 'rumor protocol' on multiple nodes at the same time, allowing consensus on faster transactions.

Consensus protocol

The distributive book of the Mixin kernel uses a proof of share consensus protocol (PoS). The "nodes" must place at least 10,000 as collateral in exchange for transaction authentication on the Kernel distributed accounting book.

Each button "multiplication Mixin" represents 10,000 Xin, equivalent to 2% of the network shares. Multiply can only operate with at least 7 nodes involved, accounting for about 15% of the total number of shares of the network.


For security purposes, Mixin uses a one-time key algorithm, which allows the system to generate 'ghost addresses' that can be destroyed after every transaction a user makes.

Mixin Domain

The mixin domain communicates with the kernel through system calls.
In order for an external asset (eg from the bitcoin block chain) to be associated with the mixin kernel, the public key of the mixin is first created to connect to the domain, and then the particular public key (eg public key Bitcoin ) was created to connect the content to the mixin kernel. If someone wants to send money from their Bitcoin wallet to the Mixin network, the domain will create a transaction for the Mixin public key and multiply Mixin will verify the transaction.

Mixin Domain Extension (Mixin Domain Extensions)

The Mixin domain extension allows users to set up a smart deal from a single computing unit (for example, your laptop or iPhone). These smart contracts are more effective and stronger than the contracts currently offered on blockgain Ethereum.

Details about COIN
Transaction code: PLEASE
Total supply: 1,000,000
Circulation supply: 442,996 PLEASE
Who are the people behind Mixin?
The Mixin team consists of 20 developers in China and Japan, who have years of experience in the blockchain field, technology and production of many unique multimedia applications. The key players are:

Cedric Fung - Managing Director - BlockChain architect of BigONE, founder of Yixia.com, China's leading video ecosystem with products including the Miaopai short video application, Xiaokaxiu application. and live stream application Yizhibo.

Danna Li - COO - She was one of the earliest blockchain users, Bitmain investment leader, core member of INBlockchain and Bigone Operation Lead.

Crossle Song - CTO - Former Yixia.com Technology Lead, Vitamio SDK Architecture Leader, Android Developer and iOS veteran.

Oven Tang - Product Leader - Miaopai developer, China's leading video application with 300 million users.

Where is Mixin listed?
Currently we can only exchange Minxin at BigONE, FCOIN by EOS (about 90%), BTC, ETH or BITCNY. You can click on the links we refer below to find out about these pairs of transactions on BigONE:

XIN/EOS: https://big.one/trade/XIN-EOS

XIN/BTC: https://big.one/trade/XIN-BTC

XIN/ETH: https://big.one/trade/XIN-ETH

XIN/BITCNY: https://big.one/trade/XIN-BITCNY

What is the current exchange rate for Mixin?

The XIN code coin is listed on the Coin Market Cap from January 1, 1818, with an initial price of $ 2245.11 per coin. At the time of this review, the currency XIN is $ 141 / coin. Currently, the coin-coded coin has a market capitalization of more than $ 62 million, and its trading volume is over $ 8,000 in 24 hours, and is in the 89th position of the Coin Market Cap. The number of coin issued will be 1,000,000. The current number of coin is 443,544.

Invest in MIXIN safe or not?
The first collection of the first account for this project is the relationship of the cash transaction information, which it is combined the quality from the system limit limit to active as the nodes and connections merge with the trust information of the traditional host. .

Some feature of Mixin include the string string transport for the transaction transactions between different blocks blocks. Out out, they was successful in the certificate for zero and knowledge information for supplement the security features and private over it when user depend on the mobile service of this platform. With a single user interface for the advanced user upgrade, this application will be sure to take some comment in the school field.

Some another can be said about project is it to give it to add to the current application. And same as that, they have the history of the business for the token to over the value - that is the information of the discount value, token can be extended future because the simple simple features users can be easily link with platform.

Their effort to create a potential value for their coin is a way to achieve long-term value predetermined. They will work this by using XIN used in the extras account for the scarce. To the XIN number in the current value, the value of the code will be in the system, particularly as the source.

So, if you can on the RIGHT, the value will grow by the time the services are on the network. The body of the app is not used as a message to the application with the high level of code models. It will grow up between the enterprise, personal and the mixin mixin.

This platform acts as a placeholder for many codecs, an electronic wallet, and also provides the ability to store other blockchain assets developed on different platforms. The overall idea for this project is to make sure that mobile users act as a button validator, eventually creating a solid place for itself in the blockchain industry.

Their development community has signed up for big patronage in their dApp and opens the door for other developers to build their applications and incorporate their existing programs with the platform.

The company is designed to provide users with a secure experience where they can trade, trade, buy or sell different coding currencies on a peer-to-peer network. The company operates in a variety of currencies, languages ​​and contracts.

In a highly competitive space where hundreds of protocols are fighting to dominate the market, Mixin stands out by providing a multi-layered infrastructure that enhances scalability, security, privacy and Cross function. With its unique value proposition, progressive technical infrastructure, Mixin promises to be a potential project.

To find out more about this platform please visit

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5028456.0

WEDSITE: https://mixin.one/

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/MixinCommunity

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Mixin_Network

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MixinNetwork

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