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Driveholic: buy your dream car with cryptocurrency

The platform is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform that enables her platform users to buy, sell and auction new and used cars on a global market using cryptocurrencies. DRIVEHOLIC ensures that private and car dealers can purchase , sell and auction new and used cars in a global market via smart contracts with the assurance of a secured payment system and low transactions costs that enables interested participants and potential investors to get exclusive and highly beneficial deals and analysis on deals that favours all parties without discrimination.
Driveholic enables you to purchase, offer and closeout new and utilized autos from merchants and private merchants around the globe in the biggest blockchain based internet business condition. You can pay with digital forms of money for the auto you need with low exchange rates and with the security of a cashless installment process.
Buy your dream car with crypto! Driveholic will probably make a social vehicle commercial center that enables all autos to be executed in crypto without depending on fiat money or farthest point by visitors.
Through the P2P payment application, each individual’s account is linked to one or more of the user’s bank accounts. When a transaction occurs, the account balance in the application records the transaction and either sends or pulls money directly to the user’s bank account or stores it in the user’s account within the application.
This is the place Blockchain innovation factors in. The P2P market can profit incredibly from executing Blockchain innovation with the goal that no one needs to go out on a limb on, and can rather simply rely upon the nature of the innovation confirming the trust. With the coming of various organizations, the sharing economy really is starting to assume control over the world, yet a few boundaries are keeping it from scaling out in different parts like the auto sharing industry. The world is encountering lower interest for auto proprietorship and a higher interest for auto sharing, however trust has turned into an obstruction to scaling this out. Driveholic utilizes Blockchain innovation to make a social market where purchasers and venders can mutually offer autos utilizing our safe escrow-based framework. The Driveholic stage will enable clients to purchase and offer autos utilizing digital money, without being constrained to monetary forms or geological limits. Because of the decentralized idea of blockchain, Driveholic is a really worldwide stage that is not confined by any geological points of confinement.
Because of the decentralized idea of blockchain, Driveholic is a genuine worldwide stage that isn't compelled by any geographic limits. Dispense with Middleman With savvy gets, no center man are required for exchanges. Their brilliant contract based escrow framework will give the purchasers and dealers security. What's more, one may ask.
Since this concept’s inception, many business entities have developed P2P transaction capabilities, increasing the competition in the space and the convenience brought to the consumer. The prevalence of mobile devices has also forced the adaptation of P2P payment applications to become more convenient for users. Amazingly, with Driveholic, you can sell, buy or auction your car at your convenience needing as little as mobile phone and internet.
Since security is the first watch word of any investor especially when dealing without meeting face to face or an investor wanting to making a quick buck from their investment portfolio, all efforts will be of no use unless that investment is made in a way that guarantees its security.
Driveholic is the ideal investor’s paradise as it not only comes with the absolute physical stability of the vehicle industry, it comes with an added bonus of being powered by the first manmade innovation that has been proven to be resistant to all sabotage, that is the blockchain technology.
What this means is that investors are assured that their money is kept safe as all transactions are kept recorded on an immutable blockchain ledger. No one has any ability to counterfeit or create false records of transactions, giving investors maximum peace of mind as they put their hard-earned money on the platform. Driveholic provides and allows a smart contracts, no middle man are needed for transactions. Driveholic smart contract is based on an escrow system which provides the buyers and sellers security. And there will be no fee for transaction through Driveholic Tokens (DRVH)!
Diversity and helping hands
Another unique benefit that investors or individuals stand to benefit from investing on the DRIVEHOLIC platform is the fact that the fluidity of a traditional is amplified with the use of dividend paying crypto tokens.The platform is highly fluid in the sense that unlike traditional way of going through the traditional banking systems to pay dividends which take quite some time to be disseminated, the DRIVEHOLIC platform is able to handle dividend payouts automatically and absolutely instantaneously all around the world.
No investor has to wait long days wondering if their dividends will be forthcoming, as all hindrance are done away with the DRIVEHOLIC platform. Furthermore, Instead of an Initial Coin Offering, the project will deploy an airdrop phase and a bounty phase. The project is said to distribute 900,000,000 tokens to all of the "EOS" holders that have a EOS token balance of at least a 100. There is also a generous bounty program designed for existing members of the community and new members.....amazingly, individuals don't only trade auto conveniently, you could also be paid participating in token sharing.
Driveholic is a blockchain based peer-to-peer marketplace for cars. Driveholic's goal is to create a social marketplace where buyers and sellers can come together to sell cars using our secure escrow based system. The Driveholic platform will allow users to buy and sell cars using cryptocurrency, without being restricted to fiat currencies or geographical limitations.
A central include of the Driveholic platform is the merging of do interaction and trading in a distinct digital platform. collective media interactivity will lead to a expectation bit to the trading experience. Platform will furthermore integrate other interactions to promote beneficial group behavior.
Driveholic allows you to buy, push and Dutch auction new and old cars from privileged sellers and dealerships from the entire over the earth in the leading blockchain based e-commerce environment. You will be adept to remuneration with cryptocurrencies for the car you crave with downcast transaction charge and with the safekeeping of a money free payment process.
Driveholic's goal is to build a get-together vehicle bazaar that allows every one of cars to be transacted in crypto without relying on fiat currency or check by boarders.
Driveholic is a revolutionary platform which facilitates trade inside the Community,
Driveholic allows you to buy and sell auctions and new used cars from private sellers or dealers, all over the world with largest based e-commerce environment, you can be able to pay with cryptocurrency to get the car through the use of escrow. Buying and selling cars will be more convenient to transact but only on limited boarders
With smart contracts no middle man are needed for the transaction, there smarth contract base escrow with provide the buyer and seller a good and standard security to transact, and also there will be fee for transactions with Driveholic token.
Token Distribution
90,000, 000 token will be Airdropped for genesis snapshot addresses
Name: Driveholic
Ticket: DRVH
Platform :Ethereum
Snapshot: Genesis
Driveholic will launch a social media platform live
Will launch marketplace
Will launch a mobile app
Conclusively the project is very unique and has a lot of promise. Driveholic is a game changer that has come to decentralise the social car marketplace. It is a project that intends to provide social profit for both the cars and the sellers and all trasactions will be visible in the system for credibility and transparency. Holders of the Driveholic tokens stands to gain more, since they will be charged 0% fees in the process of transaction and 0.01% for users of other cryptocurrencies, which is still very negligible. Fee is required to cover the Dapp sever cost which is very low and will hasten all the process.
For more information kindly visit
Website: https://driveholic.com
Telegram: http://t.me/driveholicairdrop
Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4613024.msg41643425
Medium: https://medium.com/@driveholicsite
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