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LESFEX EXCHANGE ICO (LFX Token Sale) -- For Smart Investors

I welcome you my dear subscribers and readers. Today we will talk about a very technological and interesting existing cryptocurrency exchange platform, LESFEX EXCHANGE, that is all set to provide a number of features that overcome the shortcomings of many traditional exchanges.
LESFEX EXCHANGE is a project I’ve been following for sometimes now, and this is what I can say about it:
it has a great team with a lot of relevant experiences, very attractive business model with a good dividend token use case, cap limits are within a reasonable range, professional content, good looking materials, secured, focus on the relevant networks and has a great road map.
Let talk about their product and the solutions they offer.
LESFEX EXCHANGE, if you haven’t heard of it already, it’s a company developed by Octanox (OTX), a team of experts. It is intended to give to the Octanox community, offering reduced fees for everyone who supported this project as an investor. Octanox welcomes everyone to use a lower fee advantage to become part of the investor community. The team of Lesfex knows that it is not possible to gain trust and build a reputation quickly, therefore, will strive every day to earn respect and trust. Lesfex uses very simple, but advanced digital trading tools. Lesfex System is constantly updated and tested to ensure that it adheres to the best standards in the industry. Blocking specialists have built a highly secured platform, preventing any and all kinds of malicious attacks that could affect the community of traders. With the rapid development of block room technologies, the Lesfex team will be vigilant in ensuring and maintaining a stable and secure platform.
Lesfex Features:
Lesfex offers Bitcoin, Dash, Etherium, EOS, TRON, Augur, OmiseGo and other crypto-coins for trading. As it is stated on the official website of the Lesfex Exchange, it uses advanced digital trading tools, professional trade charting, complete trading history, and provides security features under motivated and professional security experts.
Lesfex Platform
The Lesfex platform has a user-friendly interface that allows the user to view cryptocurrencies, lock assets and perform crypto-trading in a simple manner. It platform also will allow investors to learn pre and post-trade sessions using critical technical indicators, data, analysis, community strategies, and baseline analysis. Lesfex is a platform that will expose CryptoCurrency, Crypto-trading and Blockchain assets to the general public via a well-designed user interface and easy-to-understand crypto-trading technology.
The Lesfex exchange plans to solve the problems inherent in many exchangers, these are:
Bad customer support
Market manipulation
No market research
High transaction fees
High cost for listing on the exchange
Blockchain and LESFEX EXCHANGE’s Security:
LESFEX EXCHANGE’s instruments and services provide unique solutions on the basis of blockchain, which has no extant analogues in the world and offers revolutionary solutions regarding the consolidation of the world of cryptocurrencies and classical finance systems. Blockchain technology is widely used in LESFEX EXCHANGE business processes which makes it impossible to substitute or lose financial data. The security system of LESFEX EXCHANGE is unparalleled. It takes into account potential threats of all kinds which could compromise the data or lead to theft of funds. Through blockchain technology the whole platform will be fully transparent to the users. Using Smart contracts makes LESFEX EXCHANGE a reliable and impartial guarantor of fulfilling obligations to the investors of the project.
Recommendation (Based On Personal Conviction):
I personally have done a lot of digging on LESFEX EXCHANGE and I am yet to find any major red flag that would make me give up on investing in their ICO. The team is absolutely amazing and they have been working on LESFEX EXCHANGE as a whole for sometimes now. I have tracked the records of various members of the team and I can say that they are incredibly professional.
LESFEX EXCHANGE’s reputation speaks for itself and is strongly supported by various facts and by real business model that works every day. By investing (cryptocurrency) in the project you can be 100% sure of the reliability of your investment, as you invest into business with real assets and real people.
Lesfex (LFX) Tokens:
LFX Tokens is a valuable digital asset, LESFEX EXCHANGE platform’s token, which will be used/tradeable at/on the biggest crypto currency markets. With the help of ICO LESFEX EXCHANGE plans to attract the investment resources at a wide range. As suppose, the token sale will be interesting for the owners of digital assets, who would like to transfer them into the more secured investment tool and not to tremble anytime they hear the news about the possible Bitcoin rate falling.
Unlike most ICO projects that operate on the market currently without an existing platform or project backed by a development platform, Lesfex is one step ahead of all of them. Lesfex is already established by the exchange crypto currency, which is fully functional. Lesfex (LFX) is a token of the Lesfex Exchange platform, designed to make a friendly exchange, which is aimed at helping existing crypto-currency projects and new upcoming projects.
In other to participate in the ICO, follow these steps below:
• Purchase the tokens: LESFEX EXCHANGE will issue a number of tokens during the ICO.
• Receive dividend payments: As a token holder, you have the right to receive payments equivalent to shareholder dividends.
• Convert your tokens into shares: As a token holder, you also have the right to convert your tokens into Ordinary Shares.
Token Information:
Token Sale ICO
Start date: 30 Sep 2018
ICO End date: 30 Nov 2018
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD (fiat)
Hard cap size : 50,000,000 USD (fiat)
Lesfex is all set to organize a pre-ICO from September 30 to October 27th, and the main sale will take place from November 3rd to December 8th in the ICO, the LFX token will be offered at a different price of $ 0.03 to $ 0.11 in different phases.
In conclusion, if LESFEX EXCHANGE ICO piques your interest then it’s meant for you.
For more info:
Website: https://lesx.org/
Whitepaper: https://lesx.org/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/LesfexPlatform
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LesfexExchange
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lesfex
Bitcointalk Address: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2002666

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