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Cryptonity is a blend of two words: Crypto and Community. Basic, yet solid and significant is cryptonity’s objective of exchange, which is regarded by the Cryptocurrency Community. Cryptonity endeavor to give the market the most total, secure, straightforward and joint exchange platform.
Cryptonity intends to convey great vibrations to Crypto World, abusing the "main benefits" strategy of general exchange. They will discharge their own particular token called Cryptonity Token with a XNY ticker. The Cryptonity token will be propelled at first in the Ethereum blockchain. Sooner rather than later, Cryptonity intend to build up their own Blockchain, and will begin taking a shot at it directly after the offer of Token Sale.
The present Cryptonity token (XNY) will be an utility token, and in this way its cost will be identified with its utility. The token will give investors a half markdown on the Cryptonity Exchange installment. It will likewise enable its proprietors to take an interest in such particular highlights as voting in favor of the "coin of the month". Making a cryptocurrency exchange isn't a simple undertaking. Making an exchange that gives a full arrangement of apparatuses and capacities is much more troublesome. Cryptonity knows that it is about time free venture, enthusiasm and diligent work, similar to the undertaking are implemented in cryptocurrency exchanges.
In any case, Cryptonity believes that current cryptocurrency exchanges including those that have been available for quite a while can be enhanced from numerous points of view. Flawlessness is exceptionally hard to accomplish, however we are attempting to approach it to the extent we can.
In light of Cryptonomist team’s experience of utilizing cryptographic money as merchants and mineworkers who were dynamic clients of existing exchanges, Cryptonomist trust that they have the information and aptitudes important to make a digital money exchange that traders have been sitting tight for.
From Cryptonomist perspective, there are two distinct classes of digital money exchanges: vast players, from one viewpoint, and adversaries, on the other.
Those whom we abstractly call candidates couldn't care less about their clients or customers and don't appear to be worried about their unwavering quality. A large portion of them list every one of the coins that consent to pay their costly charges, and that is it. They don't associate with their clients, don't make any enhancements, (for example, redesigning the UI) and concentrate just on augmenting their incomes. They are all the time not straightforward at the point where it is once in a while troublesome for us to see how a few clients can confide in them and draw in their cash on these trades. We imagine this is on the grounds that a few coins with a "low cover" are just accessible on these exchanges.
With respect to the enormous players, we additionally have a great deal of inquiries. Are these organizations genuine? It is safe to say that they are managed? Do they have plans to help FIAT? Do they have a financial balance? Where are they based? Are their stages extremely sheltered? Is there any protection if our cash is stolen? Would we be able to converse with somebody in the talk room? Would we be able to name them if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis? Also, the rundown goes on. At last, this is associated with the issues of security and straightforwardness. This is in reality surprisingly more dreadful for the enormous players, since they are the principle focus for programmers and hoodlums.
A book could be composed about about issues identified with the trading of cryptocurrencies, and those specified above are only a couple of the not insignificant rundown of things that the market can improve the situation. In the meantime, cryptonomist comprehend that the cryptocurrency exchange is related with numerous issues and dangers. Notwithstanding issues of security and straightforwardness, cryptonomist additionally see issues identified with client encounter, for example, the absence of exchange instruments, inadequate dialect bolster, moderate yield forms, et cetera.
Cryptonity endeavors to give the most far reaching, secure, straightforward and shared exchange platform available.
One of the key parts of our task is security. Cryptoniy gives her clients the most secure exchanging platform. To accomplish this objective, cryptonity will work with the best known specialists in the field of security available, review two times every year by free security organizations and report review results to every one of our clients. Their security accomplices will be said on our site. To push ahead, ensuring our clients the most secure exchanging knowledge, we will build up a protection arrangement to restore our clients if there should arise an occurrence of misfortunes because of an assault. More itemized data about our protection strategy you will discover in the segment "Standards of exchange".
Another critical viewpoint is the connection with their clients. It is more normal for us to include our clients in the development of cryptomity platform. They will have different correspondence channels that will be open for association with our clients, and we will quickly react to the solicitations of our clients.
To wrap things up, Cryptonomist will endeavor to furnish their clients with a complete and ergonomic arrangement of apparatuses for exchanging, including an expansive number of languages.
For more details, please contact:
Website: https://tokensale.cryptonity.io/en
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5005070
Telegram: https://t.me/CryptonityExchange
White Paper: https://tokensale.cryptonity.io/storage/Whitepaper_EN.pdf
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