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BLOOMZED “Bounty” and ICO


Bloomzed is a high-tech software solution that has an open API and consists of a large number of software blocks that are integrated into a unified system which is designed to provide an easy connection of any technological solution, to manage both individual blocks and the whole system. The individual settings, disabling, updating, editing, extending capabilities and other options are available to the users of the system without stopping and/or slowing down the system as a whole.

| The problem of blockchain and cryptocurrency for ordinary citizens is the complexity of understanding this product. Projects that tried to simplify the concept of cryptocurrency, in most cases complicate the situation even more, describing the complex processes of performing transactions and operating with incomprehensible terms.

But 99% of people who use bank payment cards do not know the operation features of this technology. They simply apply this tool in practice.|

The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format:

  • Signature campaign: 20%

  • Translation campaign: 5%

  • Video and articles campaign: 20%

  • Twitter campaign: 20%

  • Facebook campaign: 15%

  • Reddit campaign: 15%

  • Linkedin campaign: 5%


My account BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1208857

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My ETH Adress: 0x7b875a9C5D9c74Ff750085D61C60C4451015E50D

My Channel: https://t.me/Best_Token_English

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