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Marketing can be a tricky game. We don’t really know how to 100% reach the customer and advertising target, especially in a social media platform. I bet you ever feel it, when you open your social media account then you found much advertising which not appeal to you at all because it’s not something that you especially like. In this kind of situation, many of internet and social media user use ad-block on their phone or PC. This can trouble the marketer and advertiser because their product did not reach their future customer.

The entire advertiser and marketer wish for getting their message to the right target audience, and something that can support it is by using influencer marketing. It really makes a difference and a positive impact on the product sale.

What is influencer marketing?
You know social media is become a big part of our daily lives and cannot be separated from most of us. Among social media user, there must be someone or a few people who have an influence on the social media platform. This kind of people usually has a lot of friends or follower in their account. Imagine if this influencing person on social media advertising a product, well you can guess that many people see it.

But this still can not 100% reach the right target audience if we do not match the influencer and the product or service that been advertised by them. Imagine a personal trainer with 100k follower makes a post about make up advertising, I think it didn’t match. The good option is a famous makeup artist with a lot of followers who advertise that makeup product, it will reach the right target because of most of his/her follower also interested in makeup. An advertising with include influencer in any social media platform called influencer marketing.

SocialCxN give you solution in influence marketing
The influencer marketing actually has been done in this past few years following the popularity of social media platform that has been rising. Usually, the product or service provider looking for the influencer on their own and there’s no legal or formal contract also no management that ensure all the advertising steps run smoothly. There are many cases that the influencer did not advertise the product or service even though the company has already paid them. Also, there are cases when the content of the advertising is not good enough it’s not attractive to the viewer. It’s also common for influencer who not paid enough for they advertising effort for the product.

Don’t worry, this problem is just a past, now we have SocialCxN that will solve that problem for all of us. SocialCxN is an automated platform with blockchain base that will connect brands and influencers so they can find each other with a good matching background. It helps search, select and connect you by communicating the influencer with high effectively advertise the product or service. It really helps the marketer and their product.

For influencer, they also can have more income opportunities for their fame and work.

SocialCxN ICO
When you using this platform to provide a marketing service or looking a social media influencer, all the transaction through this platform using token or cryptocurrency. SocialCxN uses Ethereum standard and gives total supply 500.000.000 of CXN tokens. The pre-ICO start on March 20th, 2018 and will end on June 18th, 2018. If you want to buy this token you need to have an ether wallet first then you can buy it and invest with it.

If you not planning to use this SocialCxN service you can also sell the token to someone else or just keep it and become an audience and get a reward while yo working with the marketer. It’s up to you.








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