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Have you focused on small coins?

Acoin is a digital currency that can be paid instantly to anyone anywhere all over the world. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority , that is, managing transactions and issuing funds are carried out jointly by the network. Acoin Core is the name of open source software that can use this currency.

BinaryCoin intends to achieve distrusted refusal through a voting platform of powered cryptocurrency. It works with FollowMyVote. BenjiRolls is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency on the basis of the Scrypt algorithm. It is dedicated to Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States,and FuzzBalls is a coin intended for gifting and parties, no monetary value or road maps or pumps/dumps to be expected.

Marijuanacoin is a bitcoin-based digital cryptocurrency. They are processed of their own unique blockchain and are a decentralized network. It is a new cryptocurrency for the cannabis industry. With our positive attitude and experience in this area, we plan to make MAR the first marijuana-related cryptocurrency. By combining a multi-billion dollar industry with a useful, easy-to-access cryptocurrency platform, our goal is to get to the top! Acceptance and use are the key to success.

Bolenum is a digital cryptocurrency and financial services provider that starts with the African continent and then expands globally. The platform provides secure and simple sending, receiving and exchange of various forms of funds. It should currently provide services in Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. We have an ecosystem of financial and cryptocurrency services designed to provide the world with much-needed cryptocurrency trading in the South.

MindCoin is a digital currency designed to build an positive and charitable Currency over Mental Health problem by supporting people in need and raising awareness of mental health. MindCoin was finally released on December 30, because the main developer of the coin found himself in Section 3 of the Mental Health Act. When people talk about mental health problems, most people will throw a gun and think of depression and anxiety. This is the two most common problems and more. The main goal of coins is to publish positive and charitable cryptocurrencies.

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