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Why should you invest in KushCoin?

KushCoin is a multinational project that aims to implement blockchain innovation in a vertically integrated and very inefficient market for the medical cannabis supply chain. The cannabis industry is constrained by the disparity between local and federal jurisdictions and is exacerbated by the struggle of an unprovoked executive branch - this is what Canada, the United States and Europe have done worse. Our cryptocurrency technology allows consumers and manufacturers in the medical marijuana industry to have independent, decentralized banking solutions.

Consumer Advantages:

• Anonymous Payments: You do not have to provide personal or credit card information with KushCoin, which protects your privacy from legal disputes of future competent authorities and makes identity theft almost impossible.

• Total security and control: KushCoin is protected by the next generation of cryptography - beyond current military standards, which ensures that no one, including national actors, can unilaterally transfer your funds.

• Zero transaction fees: Decentralized blockchain technology enables zero-cost trading to come true, with an option for including a "mining fee" to complete your transaction at a prioritized speed.

• Mobile Payments: Pay with the comfort and convenience of a dedicated mobile wallet (coming soon).

Producer Advantages:

• Borderless payments: KushCoin applies the decentralized technology, which means there are no differences in fees or limits. Whether you are servicing a distributor next door or a distributor on another continent, your transaction will not be reviewed and will be completed immediately.

• No Compliance Required: Receiving credit card payments online, especially in evolving legal environment such as the marijuana industry, may be an insurmountable obstacle for local small businesses. With KushCoin, there is no PCI standard or any other compliance requirement.

• Zero Transaction Fees: Decentralized blockchain technology enables zero cost transactions possible, with an option for including a "mining fee" to complete your transaction at a prioritized speed.

• Protection Against Fraud and Chargebacks: Unlike Paypal or other popular methods of online payment, KushCoin is immutable and transactions are final and irreversible. By eliminating the business cost of chargeback fraud, your lean operation can focus on being more competitive.

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