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Callisto Network a Blockchain technology


The cloud storage market of today which is majorly known for storing user data and vital information, is a centralized market such that it’s dominated and controlled by few companies. Thus a centralized business model has made the cloud storage services to be very expensive.

Most especially, the blockchain industry has also been at the mercy of a very expensive blockchain based storage for long. This is the reason why dApps developers need a decentralized data storage that is profitable and secure. 

Callisto Network is a decentralized open source crypto platform based on go-Ethereum source code with its own cryptocurrency ‘CLO’.

The Goal

The main goal of Callisto is to research and develop a reference implementation of a self-sustaining, self-governed, self-funded blockchain ecosystem and development environment.

Callisto aims to establish a secure and contribution-friendly environment for further protocol development and improvements. It will rely on a built-in system of smart-contracts to achieve this goal.

To improve the security of Ethereum Classic and Callisto ecosystem, providing free security audits for smart-contract developers.

Peculiarities of coldstocking

The main benefit of cooperation with professionals (in addition to the ability to significantly increase the speed of ongoing operations) is to receive rewards for committed savings. They are paid in the form of tokens, which then can pay for goods or services. This approach from Callisto Network, of course, attracts users now.

At the same time, the full launch of the platform is being postponed, although the implementation of the tokens is planned earlier. Such a break can only be explained by the fact that professionals intend to completely eliminate the existing shortcomings. Obviously, a significant part of the revenue that will be obtained after the implementation of digital units, will be aimed at further improving the platform. 

The objectives of the professionals are very far-sighted, so experts suggest that at the beginning of their token will be a little "sagging" and only after two or three months will gradually increase in price. In general, Callisto Network is an analogue of the bank, only with the possibility of using crypto currency and high security of transactions. Look, the same reward system is, in fact, a classic deposit. You invest the amount and just receive dividends on your account.

This approach, of course, looks very attractive, especially in conditions of instability of the exchange rate of basic units. It is still difficult to say what percentage will be paid to depositors. It is predicted that this figure will be in the region of 10%, which will fully meet its obligations and make significant changes in the market.  

This allows the asset to be easily interchanged and move from one chain to the other. In short, the sidechain carries their own data and function independently from the parent chain. The sidechain will be used as a research tool for future protocol changes. That is, CLO will stand as a testnet for ETC but with monetary value as it has its own coin. 

Technical details:

● POW Algo: Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash)
● Block interval: ~15sec
● Block reward: 600 CLO (30% treasury fee)
● 100% compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine
● The maximum supply: 6,500,000,000 CLO.
● Block reward reduction: 32% each 5,000,000 blocks

Callisto implements an Ethereum Virtual Machine, which allows it to run Ethereum-compatible smart-contracts written in solidity or viper programming languages.A standard procedure of secure smart-contract development for the ETC & CLO ecosystem will be developed. 

This standard procedure will include auditing of smart-contracts. Callisto aims to establish a free-for-all system of smart-contract auditing. 

Step by step instructions to Receive Callisto (CLO) Tokens

Each Ethereum Classic record which has ETC adjust on it will get the proportionate measure of CLO instantly at Callisto stage dispatch.Wallets That Would Be Supported by the airdrop include:

  • ClassicEtherWallet
  • ClassicMask
  • what's more, MyEtherWallet

Note: Whether MyEtherWallet would bolster Callisto or not relies upon MEW engineers. In the event that they don't, MyEtherWallet records can be recouped on the ClassicEtherWallet stage – they are perfect.

Will Exchanges Support The Airdrop?

Digital currency trades will get the CLO tokens without a doubt at the season of the airdrop, yet whether they will circulate it to their clients is dependent upon them to choose. Trades that will bolster the airdrop will be distributed on this page. 

Other Notable Features

There is often a lack of tools to make Ethereum smart contracts secure. Smart contract hacks is a big issue and costs the ecosystem significant amounts of money. Callisto will create an official smart contract auditing department to protect both the ETC and CLO ecosystems.

This is a completely free professional smart contract auditing opportunity for end-users.Every blockchain evolves, and sometimes the hard fork process can be fractious, stressful,and disorganized. Another feature worth mentioning is Callisto’s solution to this issue. 

Callisto is predefining upgrade dates so that all members of the community will know about changes well in advance and can be prepared for them. Planned hard fork dates are November 11, 2018 and May 5, 2019. 



December 2017

● Launch the test network with the current Golang Ethereum client -Byzantium
compatible- (done).
● Create a public infrastructure for developers (completed).
● Update Classic Ether Wallet with Callisto network support (completed).

Q1 2018

● Update ClassicMask with Callisto Network
● Snapshot of Ethereum Classic for CLO airdrop 1:1
● Launch Testnet 2.0
● Research the POS and DPOS protocol implementation possibility.

Q2 2018

● Launch CLO Mainnet (Est. 15 April 2018)
● DexNS support for the Callisto protocol
● Marketing team creation
● Launch mainnet block explorer and testnet explorer.

Q3 2018

● Formation of the Security Department of Callisto (Solidity)

Q4 2018

● Planned Hardfork No. 1: Cold staking implementation
● eWASM implementation research
● Formation of the Security Department of Callisto (EOS)

Q1 2019

● Decentralized File Storage research and reference implementation
● Interchain operability research!

Q3 2019

● Security DAO Codex release
● Cold Staker's Codex release

Q4 2019

● Planned Hardfork No. 2: On-chain governance syste


Thank you for reading my article.

Link to the website - https://callisto.network/#

Group in Telegram - https://t.me/CallistoNet

Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/callistonetwork/

Official Twitter - https: // twitter .com / CallistoSupport

Whitepaper - https://drive.google.com/file/d/18NsazbbcMwmas7TIZRbDslIfNCVeLgBY/view 

Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1636502 

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