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ICO MiBoodle

The miBoodle team has built the first remote work system, which democratizes the advertising industry based on the technology of blocking. Our goal is to provide a platform that will allow all consumers to earn 2nd income online in an efficient and transparent manner using proven and tested online advertising channels that were formed for the mass market.

There are many online schemes for making money based on proven and unverified methods. miBoodle opens for the general public the world of online advertising, which until now was the prerogative of large corporations. miBoodle allows people to create promotional assets for monetization, giving all participants a route to the market, based on the integration of social networks.

miBoodle allows all consumers to become a micro-publisher, a micro-social infuser. Imagine a platform that opens the world of online advertising and allows everyone to earn money online the way large corporations do, all this is miBoodle, and it’s free!

MiBoodle members earn money every day and can receive them monthly in a fiat currency or miBoodle tokens. If a member decides to receive money in miBoodle tokens, they can use these tokens to gain access to the next level of miBoodle, which means that they can earn more money per month, hold these tokens or sell tokens so that other people can access miBoodle thereby allowing new miBoodle members to go directly to higher levels of earnings!

miBoodle offers its members 4 available levels, allowing everyone to earn monthly more of the currency or tokens in the bonuses.

Using proven digital advertising channels provides our marketing advertisers, networks and agency partners with 

1) accurate performance data and 

2) transparency through the marketing campaign data. 

Until now, all this has been done in isolated environments that did not accurately reflect the dynamic and ever-changing advertising effectiveness.

As the world’s first blockbuster, miBoodle’s “Work from Home” platform will open the world of online advertising to a wider audience, creating sustainable revenues for system participants while enhancing trust and transparency for our advertisers.
We allow consumers around the world to build a second income stream through miBoodle, our product is safe, transparent and profitable for all parties. Now participants can use their influence in social networks and make the most of their opportunities using our platform. Users will be armed with our tools to compete with current partners and celebrity advertisers on the social networking market.

All information about advertisers, performance and understanding combined with the monthly productivity and income of miBoodle members are hashed by the Ethereum blockbuster through intelligent contracts to create a MIBO-Data ecosystem that provides visibility to increase advertiser results and increase revenue opportunities for miBoodle members.

Using the functionality created within the miBoodle customer offer and overlaying all participation data and performance data on the marketing campaign, users can use MIBO (miBoodle token) and take advantage of our unique system of counting the votes of users and advertisers. The vote counting system was specifically designed to increase the effectiveness of all advertising campaigns on the miBoodle network and beyond. Use the power of this system to actively promote your social influence!

Our platform uses block data, data on mutual relations and analytics, which helps advertisers make decisions about improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns both inside and outside the platform. The MIBO Token improves the availability of data on the platform, from internal participants, and also stimulates an increase in the use of global shared data, to create a true MIBO-Data, an ecosystem that allows brands, agencies and marketing networks to increase campaign performance, success rates and, ultimately, their return on investment.

Using internetwork partnerships, these data will form an enrichment platform for advertisers, while all participants will receive new, expanded opportunities. This is the core of the product and it allows members to participate in truly decentralized and income-oriented activities.

The miBoodle token will be issued on Ethereum, a distributed computing platform based on the blockbuster, which allows the use of smart contracts. Use of blocking technology to create and distribute a high-performance advertising network will allow advertisers to increase the effectiveness and coverage of marketing campaigns.



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