3 года назад

@MrWang and his Crazy Shenanigans

A Very Merry @MrWang Rant and Vlog

Shout out to...

@thecryptofiend - Creating the "300" Club
@officialfuzzy - Guiding me in the right direction
@virtualgrowth - Showing support and promoting WANGCHANGE
@fyrstikken - Pimping me and my services out like a whore
@blocktrades - Thanks for the upvote and acknowledgment on my recent post
Bitshares - Welcoming me into their amazing community
Beyond Bitcoin - Allowing me to present my WANGCHANGE token
ALL OF STEEMIT - It's creators like me who you inspire... to create some epic sauce for everyone

Let's get to 1500 followers... I'm getting close to REP 70

Sidenote: Just realized that a rendering issue occurred in my video above and is due to the rendering issues I currently deal with on a regular.. a good example of what I'm trying to eliminate

Till Next Time... Adios Amigos

We Need You To Come To Discord And Voice Your Opinions

PS... For the absolute best experience.. download the app for your desktop or mobile

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