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Alfa-Enzo - The World First Global and Smart Distributed


Ever since the advent of blockchain technology, the world has experience or witness new ways to access money or transact with money. That is, holders of cryptocurrencies can successfully transact with each other at a low fee and without any geolocation restrictions. Furthermore, users funds are protected as users are in charge of their personal data, this is decentralization made possible with blockchain technology. Even with all these, a recent study, as well as experience, has shown that blockchain or rather cryptocurrency is yet to be scalable thereby contributing to its slow adoption into real-world applications, thus the need for a mass-market cryptocurrency having great distributed utilization.
But first, what are these issues limiting cryptocurrency or distributed ledger technology from being adopted into real-world applications?
From time past, the current blockchain networks, Bitcoin and Ethereum are too slow when it comes to processing payments or transactions. Bitcoin can only process 7 transactions per second while Ethereum blockchain can process 10 transactions per second, this is certainly low when compared to centralized systems such as VISA which has the potential of processing 65,000 transactions per second. With this, I don't think one can be blamed for patronizing the services of VISA.
Also, investors are truly the ones who benefit a lot from cryptocurrency investments, this is because investors understand the crypto space thus the demand comes from them. Furthermore, like earlier pointed out, real-world applications such as utilizing cryptocurrency for the purchase of goods and services is not yet implemented.
This has shown that, with the current nature of blockchain networks, adoption into real-world applications isn't happening anytime soon, on the other hand, solving this issues will prompt the needed adoption of cryptocurrency for purchasing of goods and services. This is where ALFA ENZO comes in.


The team behind Alfa Enzo understood that for cryptocurrency to be adopted for mainstream utilization there is need to present a blockchain network which will be fast, scalable and reliable thus meeting the need of users on a global scale.
Alfa Enzo is a platform created by a team of experts with the purpose of providing a unique distributed or blockchain-based commerce ecosystem, thus being the first mass-market cryptocurrency.
Alfa Enzo aims to bring a lasting solution to the challenges aforementioned, by making it possible for users to buy, store, transfer value, all these made possible with the aid of a decentralized mobile app. Also, Alfa Enzo understood that to drive adoption of cryptocurrency, there is a need for blockchain network to be secure, fast and reliable, where the user will effortlessly transact without any glitches or delay in confirmation. In the same way, the utility value of cryptocurrencies should be of paramount importance as it goes a long way to tell the success of blockchain utilization. Furthermore, Alfa Enzo aims to make the value of cryptocurrency tangible by delivering the right knowledge about it in the long run keeping in abreast with investors and consumers.


Within the Alfa Enzo ecosystem is the Enzo Open Network which for short is EON. This EON is an open and distributed ecosystem with the sole purpose of bringing together data and people so as to work hand in hand as a single entity within the universal free-market.
This data found within EON is not attached to the Alfa Enzo platform, the purpose of this is to give private blockchains the power to manage it. While at the core of the EON is revolutionary time-sensitive EON protocol which is responsible for;
a. A secure transfer layer,
b. A secure data model.
The purpose of these is to ensure a user-friendly experience for all users within the ecosystem.
EON is a unique ecosystem with the following features;
a. Reverse Mining,
b. Samaritan,
c. Infinite Personal Chain (IPC),
d. Proof-of-Activity (POA),
e. Handshake,
f. Atomic Commit.


Alfa Enzo token NZO will currently be an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain, so as to have a hitch-free Initial Coin Offering for all investors. As soon as the main net goes live, all tokens will be converted on a ratio of 1:1. NZO is the native currency of the platform which users can earn as well transacting with it within the platform. NZO will be a utility token with the total supply of 21,000,000,000.


Alfa Enzo's team aims to create a platform where users can be able to transact at a faster rate at the same time assured of funds protection. This is achieved with the EON blockchain which has the power to deliver an efficient and trustless transaction framework.


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