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Music is one of the main entertainment for many of us. That’s why it’s one of the biggest entertainment industry. Most often than not music artists are not getting for they deserve, according to some studies only between ten to twelve percent are getting paid to the music artist, most of the payment will go to the cost of platforms, producers and distributors of an album or a song. With the modern technology we can listen to the new song via streaming, yet music artist from nineties are getting more revenue compare today. Artist is getting paid more before when we are buying compact disk disc than streaming it online. On recent studies from 2005 to 2015 music industry drops five billion dollars’ worth of revenues despite more user listening revenues are getting smaller. We had more convenient buying songs today than before but as a consequence music artist will get fewer revenues than before. Perhaps the main reason for declining sales is piracy, we can download and copy songs easier now compare than before.

Now we know the issues of our music artist I saw a network that will help our musicians, introducing Muzika “transforming the music world through blockchain closing the Gap between Music Artists and fans”. Muzika aims to lessen or remove profits from distributor, producers, and platform that will make music artist to gain more profits. Muzika is a free to use platform for music artist, “free” means no commissions or profit will be deducted from musicians that’s why musicians will get 90% of the profit using Muzika. Unlike other ICO’s they will start with proven service just they will improve it the platform behind Muzika is Mapiacompany Inc. the biggest and first online piano music platform in South Korea with more than two million users. It’s a good start since forty percent of South Korean’s are music streaming subscriber, highest among all nation.

Features of Muzika network:

Self-sustaining, Muzika platform will be complete and all the needed activities needed for a music platform will be available. Like comments, brainstorming, feedbacks, and others.
A market for musical mechanize and service
Patrons and sponsorships, any user can sponsor artist that they support as a reward for their sponsorship they will be given some benefits on the platform that exclusively for sponsors.
Musical contest programs, Muzika knows some talent may be hidden in the platform some auditions for the musical contest might be held in the platform
Live streaming for events like concerts
Streaming music
The ecosystem on Muzika platform

Muzika will follow a Steemit like features will be in the platform live voting and voting power will be seen in the platform. Users can vote for auditions or song postings.
Blockchain and smart contracts will be used for copyrights contents in the platform.
Loyalty programs, users who use more the platform will get loyalty points. Loyalty points will be one of the computation for voting power, Loyalty points can be converted into MZK.

Muzika will create an autonomous, self-sustaining ecosystem driven by artists and their fans in tandem, where compensations and rewards will become proportional to the level of devotion put into musical creations and ecosystem behind them.
• Smart contract will allow digital musical products to be transferred directly from artists to fans, ensuring fairer and more transparent economic distribution.
• Fans will be rewarded with loyalty points for their various community activities, which will be regularly converted into MZK coins - the sole medium of exchange for all economic activities in the ecosystem.
• Fans will have opportunities to make direct sponsorship to their favorite artists, supporting them and receiving exclusive benefits in return.

Musicians and fans are the real value creators in today’s music industry, but they are not properly rewarded for their value creation. Musicians are starving. Everyone listens to music, more people pay for music, but artists are still not making money. Fans (that’s us) are still pigeonholed as consumers, though we are the ones who actually make super-stars! We devote our time and effort to vote, make cover songs, go viral, and even write fictions for our favorite artists, but no one rewards our effort and devotion. Intermediaries (distributors and platforms) are making excessive profit for one time and unsophisticated tasks of 'transferring' the ready-made values.
The digital transformation of the music industry over the past twenty years has been enormously innovative yet challenging. Today, as fans have easier access to more music than ever before, the overwhelming quantity of available options makes streaming services even more beneficial. It seems logical to assume that musicians themselves would have more fruitful returns as the digital market continues to expand at a rapid rate, and capital continues to flow into the digital music industry.
In reality, however, the imbalance of the profit distribution structure, the existence of multiple middlemen, and outstanding issues of piracy continue to deny artists their fair share. They are receiving a historically low percentage of total revenue, typically from 10% to 20% of consumers’ payments.
While platforms, major labels, distributors, and publishers may benefit from the digital transformation, artists are still not justly compensated for their creations. To sustain the growth in the digital music market, this chasm in terms of compensation between artist and middlemen should be filled.

This platform will reform how value is created and captured by various players within the industry. We will return rewards to those who create the value, from those who merely transfer the value, while recovering the share lost from digital piracy through blockchain technology.

Unlike hundreds of ICOs without proof of practicality, Muzika is not starting from scratch. The token economy is strongly built on the backs of its existing, profit-generating, and privately & publicly funded business with 2,000,000 active users & subscribers from 150+ nations and artists from 30+ nations.

For More Information Contact the Links Bellow
Website: https://www.muzika.network/
On Facebook@ https://www.facebook.com/muzikanews/
On twitter@ https://twitter.com/muzika_official
On telegram@ https://t.me/muzika_english
On reddit@ https://www.reddit.com/r/muzikaofficial/
White paper: https://www.muzika.network/assets/mzk-whitepaper-en.pdf
on medium@ https://medium.com/muzika-official

Bitcoin talk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=103807

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