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Giants e-commerce Alibaba and Amazon expand the scope of activities

Alibaba is preparing to release new cloud solutions for the global market

Alibaba is known as a major e-commerce representative. But since 2009, she also takes part in the cloud business. After 6 years, in 2015, Alibaba's cloud services entered the world market.
Alibaba has seriously approached this technology. The company has an international headquarters in Singapore, as well as a $ 1 billion contribution to the development of data centers and a partner ecosystem, the improvement of cloud services.
Last week, Alibaba Cloud International presented 8 new products for the global market, and launched the Asean Partner Alliance program.
Alibaba late debuted on the international market with its cloud solution. But the company's representatives are positive and confident that they can become serious competitors for AWS and Google.

The main cloud architect Alibaba Cloud, Derek Wang (Derek Wang) said that the company has more than a million already paying customers. In China, Alibaba is confidently leading, holding a market share of 47.6%. Alibaba Cloud also ranks third among the world's cloud services. But despite this, the cloud platform is only a small part of the Alibaba business. Although profits from Alibaba Cloud and increased by 2 times, it is only 5% of total revenue for 2018.

Amazon will buy the largest network of cinemas

The giant of e-commerce is preparing to purchase a network of cinemas Landmark. Perhaps, after this acquisition of Amazon Inc. will change course of the activity.
For the right to buy Landmark is struggling not only Amazon, but also other companies. Although the final decision has not yet been made.
The purchase of a network of cinemas will help to expand the scope of Amazon's activities even more. The company includes not only an Internet sales service, but also a television and film studio, a music service.

Previously, the company had already patented the system for translating the accent. But it is not yet known how Amazon is going to use this innovation.

The development of e-commerce in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced markets in Southeast Asia. It was here that the development of e-commerce began. In 2011, revenue from online shopping in Singapore was $ 0.85 billion. And in 2018 Singapore remains the leader of the technological infrastructure.
The high level of infrastructure and affordable digital services - that's what makes Singapore a "battlefield" for the e-commerce market. Alibaba has already made a contribution of $ 2 billion to the Singapore e-commerce start-up Lazada. Also in 2017, Amazon came to Singapore and launched Amazon Prime Service there. Other online trading platforms are also ready to invest in the development of their business in Singapore.
The Government of Singapore supports such an active development of e-commerce and plans to increase online retail sales by 10% by 2020.
The Ministry of Trade and Industry has already reported on the "Retail Transformation Map". The document says that government and municipal organizations will provide assistance to local trade representatives, as well as open access to the international e-commerce market.
Also in Singapore there are many training courses and projects for employees of e-commerce and digital marketing. They help to restore the missing knowledge in these industries.

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