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Investors panic, crypto analysts are calm

Cryptocurrency investors start to panic

The platform alternative.me shows that the alarm among people who invested in cryptoassets has significantly increased.If we compare investor sentiment in February and now, we can see that since then the panic of investors has increased.This graph expresses the connection with bitcoin. For example, if the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has grown, the index speaks of the greed of the cryptoinvestors. But if the price of bitcoin and altcoins falls, the index signals a panic of investors.

The developers of the application are sure that the indicator "Extreme degree of fear" is a signal for buying cryptoassets. And the indicator "Greed" indicates an early change in the rate of the сryptocurrency.Earlier it was reported that Thomson Reuters plans to introduce artificial intelligence to analyze the mood of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin continues to fall

On Sunday, the value of this cryptocurrency fell again. The price dropped to $ 5,820. Altcoins also lose value sharply.But the owner of a Twitter account called Trading Room, believes that there is no need to panic. The cost of bitcoin was already falling, but then it again grew in value.Experts at Fundstrat also believe that even the $ 3200 mark is not critical and the appeal of cryptocurrency will not break. 

Analyst: next year the cost of bitcoin will be $ 10,000

The owner of the company TradingAnalysis Todd Gordon is confident that this year the cost of bitcoin will fall below $ 5000. But he also accentuates that in a year's time, bitcoin will rise sharply to $ 10,000.The analyst says that bitcoin has the ability to grow rapidly in value, so that the current drop is completely insignificant.Gordon believes that soon the cost of bitcoin will be $ 4000. But the mood of investors will still change. He is also confident in the huge prospects of cryptocurrencies.And last month Blockchain Capital's partner Spencer Bogart shared his opinion on the cost of bitcoin. He believes that this cryptocurrency will grow to $ 10,000 even before the end of 2018.

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