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2018 Prediction: TenX Co-Founder Sees More Shocking Highs And Lows For Bitcoin

In the last two months of 2017 it has been proven that bittoine has become synonymous with instability, although the flexibility of high cryptocurrence has also been demonstrated. On Saturday, the market capitalization on various stock markets around the world had risen to a high of $ 20,000 at an eight-week upper level, just a week before reforms to $ 8,000 were revised.

Talking to CNBC, co-founder of Tenx Financial Technologies Co. Julian Hausz predicted that Bitcoin will also see higher peaks and lower low-end scenes in the next year:

"I think we'll see that bitcoin has hit a mark of $ 60,000, but I also think Vitcoin will figure $ 5,000, but the question is who will be killed first?

source https://cointelegraph.com/news/2018-prediction-tenx-co-founder-sees-more-shocking-highs-and-lows-for-bitcoin

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