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Greek Supreme Court Wants to Extradite Vinnik to the US, Final Decision Pending

The Greek Supreme Court has confirmed the American request to extradict former operator BTC-A Alexander Alexander.

Wednesday's reports have confirmed support for sending Russian citizens to the United States, where they accuse monetary funding.

The Greek Minister of Justice will now decide the end result, with victory for the Vinyl Custody for many months Russia and the United States.

This step, Vinik makes a shock for himself, who had asked to send his country where he wanted less charges.

Since its initial arrest in Greece in July, the existence of BTC-A has ceased; Reincarnation Judicial Investigation is still underway in Wax, US officials have demanded a fine of $ 12.2 million between the stock exchange and Vinyl respectively is. Vinyl keeps his innocence while denying personal involvement beyond the peripheral "consultant" role

In October, a lower court in Greece had recommended "satisfy Russia's request" for extradition, and said "there was no reason to not assign it to Moscow".

Vinyl's lawyer said in the official comments after the decision, "The Supreme Court has admitted that our client will be sent to the United States."

"Our client did not respond and he listened to the decision he had read ... now the decision of the Justice Minister is to decide when and where our client will be sent."

source https://cointelegraph.com/news/greek-supreme-court-wants-to-extradite-vinnik-to-the-us-final-decision-pending

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