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ENKRONOS - Be In Control Of your Data


Substance on the web are made accessible to us when we enter in the correct catchphrase. At different occasions, directed adverts are set before our screens. The worldwide digital network is running advanced and organizations with premonitions are now taking their organizations to the web.

There is no disclaiming that ads assume much job in the achievement rate of any business. As it stands today, with advanced publicizing taking the front burner and budgetary innovation (FinTech) raising the back, computerized ads is turning into the standard for organizations.

In spite of appearing achievement, fakes have developed with regards to the possibility of this channel. Throughout the years, individual data of online clients had been recovered, arranged utilizing a numerical calculation and sold off to organizations for their crusades. The worldwide ad industry is worth $700 billion USD and this figure is set to take off higher as the years cruise by.

Brought together database and unlawful accumulation of clients' data has thrown platforms occupied with the action in awful light. Enkronos is here to give you command over your data similarly as organizations running advanced adverts and crusades are made to follow publicizing models and morals.

Decentralized Application

Enkronos is relied on the chain innovation yet does not plan facilitating every one of its exercises there. There was have to enhance and that birthed the improvement of a decentralized application known as Enkronos Apps.

The application will be the essential channel of getting to crusades kept running by organizations. Moreover, it will help in following commitment to crusades. The application highlights other sub-applications slicing crosswise over Artificial Intelligence to Marketing. As placed by its group, Enkronos App will be the trademark to repositioning the data business.

Time to Maximize Your Campaigns

On the off chance that you have been into advanced promoting, you more likely than not experienced issues assembling clients' reaction. Enkronos Apps through its Single Sign-In design permits you make extra contributions to your crusades. In like manner, you can inspire clients' reaction effortlessly.

In another view, you can utilize accessible applications facilitated under Enkronos Apps permits you have encouraged access to crusade creation. A large portion of these applications are as of now run.

The Contest Dream application is there to control you in production of substance that will bring important criticism from your clients. On the off chance that you wish to compensate your regarded clients, the Loyalty Venue is there for you. Dependability Venue is there to help organizations in issuance of gift vouchers and dole out different motivating forces to their clients.

Utilize Cases

Enkronos Apps isn't restricted to battles. There is additionally arrangement for creating applications to cover internet business and e-learning. In similar respects, Enkronos Apps will be executed in different cases that request its consideration.

Top on the rundown is the Universal Billing System. With this, exercises can be followed. For example, an organization that raises a crusade on the platform can be seen by different members similarly as clients that obtained the Enkronos token will be made open. The Universal Billing System likewise proves to be useful in bringing together all installments on the application.

The platform likewise includes brought together client database that sorts database of its clients for simple combination into the platform and for speedy battle advancements.

Token Specifications
Token Ticker: ENK
Type: Utility
Platform: Ethereum
Value: 1 ENK=0.003 ETH
Delicate Cap: 2, 500 ETH
Hard Cap: 500, 000 ETH
Acknowledged: ETH

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