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The deal with Visa helped the light-haired take off

The deal with Visa helped the light-haired take off

Lightcone (LTC), one of the popular crypto-currencies, has risen in price over the last day by more than 36 percent and has taken the fifth place in the world by market capitalization.

This is evidenced by the data of CoinMarketCap. Capitalization of LTC reached 11.9 billion dollars, according to this indicator, lighttail was ahead of Cardano (10.1 billion dollars).

By 20 o'clock the light-tails cost almost 210 dollars. According to the Daily Express, the reason for the LTC lift in recent days was the expectation of the introduction of the Litepay payment system on the market, which will be compatible with Visa. This will allow to introduce light-colored plastic cards into circulation, and business - to use this virtual currency for calculations.

It is expected that the system, which some analysts interviewed by the publication called breakthrough, will start working on February 26.

CoinDesk writes that the increase in the cost of lightcane is also associated with the forthcoming forex in the network of crypto-currencies

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