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Savera - A helping hand for the poor childern run by students of my college

" God helps them , those who help others " - Truly said by someone .
In my college days me and some of my friends joined this beautiful place SAVERA . In Savera we used to teach the students who can't afford to go to school , mainly they are children of construction site workers in our college and from nearby villages.
We used to teach them in the evening because we have to attend our classes during day time.

It is our daily routine to teach these poor students at least for one hour . One who is expert in that subject , he teach that subject to them . Since i m good at History , so i teach them history . Really it was a wonderful experience to teach these cute kids .

We used to celebrate every festival with them . Our university is also giving some fund to raise these poor children and rest of money is collected from the volunteers of our university . It gives a immense pleasure by helping these little kids to fulfill their dreams.

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