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What is StageWood?

StageWood – The ultimate solution for a fair honest entertainment industry

StageWood is a unique network of fans, performers, producers and software professionals. They delivers entertainment that crafted by fans using their mobile social media application called Tyket. Fans search for entertainment event on Tyket and follow their favorite artists and events. They share their likes with their contacts and Tyket helps them coordinate group attendances. Tyket generates artificial intelligence that suggest potential future events that suggest potential future events that Fans may like, and these Event suggestions are presented back to the Fans, who may choose to pre-bid on ticket purchases; or better off, to crowd-fund these events, share rewards and enjoys VIP status, in some cases, Including a private party with their favorite artists!

Problems Identified

Tyket Mobile Application
Tyket is the first mobile applicationlinking social media interaction between Fans and Artists with an embedded community platform for coordinating and managing live performance events. Producers and artists will benefit from coordinating crowdfunded events with reduced financial risks. Transactions will be securely managed in a Blockchain ledger.

Smart Contract and financial transactions administered through TykCoin.
Fans can interact with each other and their preferred Artists in the Application. They can buy and sell tickets and be alerted of their upcoming events.

StageWood Franchise

They have a network of physical locations designed to include a performance stage; escorted by eight food-tasting kitchens, operated by award winning chefs; a mixology bar and eight landmark halls designed to accommodate micro-theaters with capacity for 20-40 fans to enjoy 15-20 minute shows.

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