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[Game] @danila.soboy, Far Cry 5 (2018) First impressions

Not so long ago the release of the 5th part of Far Cry from Ubisoft took place and after a couple of evenings spent exploring the in-game Hope County, I am ready to share my impressions.

What this is about?

After the tropical Rook Islands from Far Cry 3 and the fictional Himalayan region Kyrat from Far Cry 4, the story of Far Cry 5 takes place in the fictional Hope County, Montana. Vaas Montenegro and Pagan Min were replaced with a religious fanatic Joseph Seed, who proclaimed himself as Father, and, together with his brothers John and Jacob and sister Faith, holds a dictatorial rule over the area. Yes, there were modern pirates and a brutal dictator before, and now - a religious cult. You are an unnamed junior deputy sheriff, an assistant to the US federal marshal. Player arrives at Hope County to serve Joseph Seed with a federal arrest warrant, but everything is not going according to the plan, and now you have to lead the Resistance to prevent further spread of the Eden's Gate cult influence.


Well, it's still the same Far Cry, as in 2012 and in 2014. First of all, the environment catches the eye. In the previous parts there were rich greeny jungles and colorful Himalayan spaces, and now the valleys, steppes and fields, which are dissected with rivers, lakes and dense forests. Slightly faded compared to its predecessors, but on the other hand - it really looks like the real world, you know. Player has the right to choose gender and customize his character. There are several hairstyles and a dozen names in each category such as "Head", "Pants", "Gloves".
The main antagonist - Joseph Seed - safely ran off after the colorful introductory scene. By our invasion, he stated, we gave some sign and launched "the first stage". Before you finally get to Joseph, you'll have to deal with his Heralds. Fortunately, the entire Hope County is divided into 3 huge parts, each of which is controlled by one of the members of the Seeds family. At the moment, I managed to get through only with John, who captured the Holland Valley, and I can say that this move is quite interesting - player does not occasionally meet with the main antagonist in some tense moments, but constantly interacts with the villain of a smaller order.

Gameplay and environment

Open world

The game world is huge. Really. And this despite the fact that I managed to visit only 1/3 of the entire space. The valley is filled with various cottages, farms, factories, villages, etc. There is a traditional fast travel system avaliable in the key places. However, it is possible to move around in the airspace by plane or helicopter, which is also quite fast. Something is constantly happening in the game world - the cult's followers traveling along the roads, carrying locals to special places for "accepting the faith" or simply patrolling the area, the same sectarians keep hostages near the abandoned buildings. In the forests you can often meet wild animals and predators attacking fanatics or local residents, and you can meet fishermen near lakes and rivers. Yes, there is some fishing machanic - it is enough just to find a fishing rod and a suitable place for fishing. The function is nothing more than decorative and profitable - the caught fish can be sold at a good price. Well, probably there will be binding to a couple of additional tasks. As the strength of the Resistance grows, people's patrols will also appear, which will create skirmishes between opposing forces. However, it's up to you whether you interfere with them or not, sometimes it's interesting to just watch the characters fight under the leadership of AI :)

The Resistance

For each action, whether completion of a main objectives, rescue of a hostage or destruction of a sectarian truck with a local drug called Bliss, the player is achieved with "Resistance Points." To "summon" the decisive battle of the leader of the region, you must fill the bar of these points. When filling the scale, there will be some sort of checkpoints, for example, you typed 5000, so John sent you a chase that will end with your inevitable capture and a small story mission. A good move, which, it can be said, forcibly attracts the stray player to the main plot. Well, its not all about fishing and shooting at enemies, right? :)

Skills and perks

The perks system has not disappeared anywhere. There are several branches: Survivalist, Renegade, Assassin and Prepper. Each perk costs a certain number of Perk Points, which can be obtained for passing not very difficult challenges, or by finding special magazines. Most perks are useful and even vital. You can increase the amount of health, the number of wearable weapons and ammunition with explosives, learn how to mine vehicles, handle different types of weapons more professionally, unlock the grapple tool, parachute and wingsuit, etc. Perhaps the only thing that seemed strange to me was the need to buy the ability to throw away enemy grenades. Its the most banal thing, present in all shooters here requires a separate unlock, it is unclear why.

Specialists and recruits

The game also features a recruitment system in which the player can recruit locals in the county to fight alongside them. In addition, the game also includes "Specialists" or non-playable characters with their own unique skills and personalities, who are unlocked through side quests. So far I managed to open a dog "Boomer", an airplane pilot Nick and a sniper Grace. I'd like to get to a hand grizzly called "Cheeseburger", yes, and there is one :D
All specialists are quite useful, for example, Boomer will automatically mark most enemies nearby, and after the battle can drag you some ammunition from the dead bodies. Nick will cover you from the air, and his presence will be very handy if you are hunted by sectarians on airplanes, and there is no RPG on hand. And working in tandem with Grace, you can shoot some enemies, being on the top.

Side missions

Of course there are a lot of them! :) The player has things to do. Missions are different, for example, already at the very beginning, there was a request for help from Willis Huntley, the secret agent of the CIA, which was traditional for the series, and he, I recall, was present in the previous two parts. Funny tasks for a slightly-insane scientist, who warns the hero about the incredible danger of alien invasion. Well, the traditional "I was hijacked, go hijack and return," the game can not exist without it. Not less traditional for Far Cry - outposts - small settlements, seized by sectarians. You free this - you get a bunch of resistance points, and in the very place there are various traders, additional tasks and other usefulness.

What next?

Well, i'll follow the main story, which, it seems to me, will develop rapidly and will present many pathos scenes and memorable colorful characters. Other two locations with the remaining Heralds. Perhaps, they will have other climatic zones and landscape, as the Faith's region is called the "Henbane River", and the region of Jacob is "Whitetail Mountains".

Respectfully, @danila.soboy.

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