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Essence of happiness...

This world is more strange but we are more stranger . in our life journey , we meet so many new people in which some of them are close relative or friends but nothing is permanent in this world.
in our everyday life , we runs always to make ourself happy but we still don't feel it because the happiness doesn't come neither from money nor wealth.
today lets see the real meaning of happiness through this video.

after watching , i am pretty sure if you attempt little bit to support anyone of needy around your society then off course you feel very easy and joyous which you can not achieve on the base of wealth .
to become happy , nothing more important but your gratitude, love, friendship, affection & care matters.
Don't live to become rich but make your heart that able to live rich...
Don't hate anyone to make yourself hurt when one-day they will no more...
Don't help someone to get return something but help to see them happy...

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На Golos с March 2018
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