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ATLANTICO NETWORK : Get profit from medical services

Hello friends, today we will consider a very interesting project called ATLANTICO. 


ATLANTICO is the first of its kind decentralized medical project based on the technology of blockade, which promises to improve and bring to a qualitatively new level health products and services for the population. Also, thanks to the decentralization and transparency of the technology block, all attempts by the pharmaceutical monopolies aimed at a constant rise in prices will be brought to nothing, the prices for goods and medical services will be reduced to market prices, and the relationship between all platform participants: patients, doctors, pharmacists, pharmacists, insurance companies, will become open and understandable.
ATLANTICO will be the most honest and fair ecosystem, which can not be affected by financial monopolists in the spheres of health protection, insurance business, production and sale of medications. All transactions carried out in the ATLANTICO system will be stored in the locker forever, with the ability to raise, view and analyze them at any time. Since decentralized pricing will be completely independent - consumers will be able to purchase medical products and services of better quality at lower prices.
Simply put, the development team creates a platform that eliminates all useless parasites from the market, sucked like ticks and leads to a rise in the cost of goods and medical services.


The project has 6 built-in tools, through which users will interact with each other and with the platform.

The above mentioned instruments can be conditionally divided into three levels:

  • Tools for assessing quality - using these tools, the user can determine the level of quality of the products and services offered;
  • Tools for manufacturers and suppliers - these tools allow manufacturers and suppliers to offer on the platform new products and services;
  • Tools for users - with their help you can register on the project of new users and connect them to the system of interaction with other users and services.

There are also 7 sublevels of users:

  • Patients (consumers);
  • Insurers (insurance companies);
  • The doctors;
  • Medical centers;
  • Pharmaceuticals (pharmacies);
  • Wholesale Pharmaceuticals;
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of medications and medical products.

Thus, the ATLANTICO project will be involved in all areas of pharmaceutical medicine. 

Advantages of using the platform:

  • The opportunity to receive a fee for the use of the ATLANTICO site in the internal system of the system, which can be spent at any time to purchase the necessary goods and medical services or exchange for real money.
  • The presence of an application for smartphones, which will provide an opportunity to quickly find the nearest hospital, pharmacy, doctor or insurance company. And it will be possible to do this, being in any point of the planet.
  • The opportunity to choose a doctor or medical institution of your own choosing based on the rating received from other consumers.
  • The ability to quickly determine the level of quality of the drugs or medical equipment offered.
  • The opportunity to choose the optimal insurance company by the criteria "reliability / quality / price".
  • Discounts for payment via ATLANTICO service for goods and medical services.
  • Transparency and security of all financial transactions through the use of blocking technology.

The ATLANTICO service will record all interactions between participants: financial transactions, reviews and comments, case histories, accounting logs, diagnoses and prescribed treatment regimens. This information will be contained in the distributed repository, therefore it will not be possible to edit, forge or destroy it. The development team has already signed contracts with well-known medical centers and clinics, as well as manufacturers of medicines and medical equipment around the world. 




The ATL coin is an internal crypto currency of the system by which payments will be made between platform users, as well as bonuses and rewards, and if necessary, the coin can be exchanged for real money directly within the platform, or put on the stock exchange and sold for fiat.

Coin: ATL
Platform: NEM
Advance sale: August 1, 2018 - August 10, 2010
Primary sale: August 11, 2018 - October 31, 2018
The cost of the coin: 0.0001 ETH ($ 0.06)
Total printed coins: 1000000000 (1 millard)
Of these, for sale: 25%
Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000
Hard Cap: $ 1,500,000

All the important information can be found here:

Website: https://www.atlantico-network.io/ru
Whitepaper: https://www.atlantico-network.io/assets/doc/whitepaper-en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/AtlantICO_network
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AtlantICOnetwo1
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Atlantico_network-218899022046438/
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4720272.new#new

Author: SanZoldyck

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