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The first decentralized innovation solution, in which the real sector of the economy and the crypto-currency world have merged. Starting with the beverage market, Beverage Cash strives to create an ecosystem that will become the standard for the integration of the real economy and the crypto-currency world.

The main problem of crypto-currencies is their integration into the real sector of the economy. The revolution has already happened, and the crypto-currency economy is increasingly being introduced into everyday life, but the problem remains: the volume of digital currencies accumulated on the market now amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars, but there is still a very limited possibility of using them as payment for goods and services.

To solve this problem, a decentralized platform was created for trading commodity tokens, with 100% secured alcoholic beverages. 



  • An intuitive application that is simple and accessible to new users.
  • The social component - members of the community (experts, collectors, wholesalers, producers of alcoholic beverages, etc.) are rewarded from the prize fund through smart contracts for their achievements and recommendations.
  • Localization - the ability, with the help of geolocation, to distribute lots and users nearby, communicate with them using the built-in instant messenger and, if necessary, meet to make a deal.
  • The inability to manipulate the trust rating is a unique solution that excludes any manipulation.
  • Security - smart contracts protect users and their means from improper use.
  • Transparency - all transactions are committed in the blockroom.
  • Instant payments - smart contracts distribute money between members right after the transaction.

The socialization of the platform and the development on its basis of a broad ecosystem are the most important element of success. The platform is developed taking into account the requirements of a wide range of participants of the alcohol market and the crypto-currency community.

Investors are private and institutional. For them, the purchase of highly liquid assets insures their crypto-cash capital from losses and brings profit. Investment portfolios with the greatest profit will be awarded with the investment trust cup from bronze to platinum.

Traders have the opportunity to speculate in the market without having to buy a lot. They are awarded different statuses for the most active and profitable work - from a beginner trader to a guru.

Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages are able to sell their produced alcoholic beverages on the platform.

Collectors and sellers have the opportunity to trade their alcoholic beverages on the platform.

Experts assess the quality of drinks, their potential price, taste, rare beverage, publish opinions, tasting reports, awards and other information. Depending on the level of trust and activity, they receive payment for their publications from the prize fund.

Consumers buy drinks for further transportation to the specified location.

Advertisers. Any of the participants in the alcohol market and related areas can advertise their products on the platform. The advertising fund is distributed among the most active participants.

Third-party developers have the ability to create applications for any device using the API.


The total value of lots has 2 components of price changes:

1. Increase or decrease the number of lots-increase the number of lots by adding new lots to the platform-reducing the number of lots due to the sale of lots or the withdrawal of lots from the sale.
2. The increase in the cost of an alcoholic beverage over time is due to the maturation of alcohol in barrels and bottles and the rarity of sharp alcoholic beverages over time. The market price of Beverage Cash (BCCT) is calculated by the following formula:
BCCTp = (Mv / ETHp) / BCCTt 
BCCTp is the price of an alcoholic beverage coin.
Mv - total market value of lots of drinks on the platform in US dollars.
ETHp - market value of ETH in US dollars.
BCCTt is the total number of coins issued for drinks.

At the ICO stage, the token is sold at a fixed price: 1BCCT = 0.0002 ETH
The market price of the coin is recalculated according to the total value of the lots placed on the platform in real time.
Total price of lots 50M USD
Quantity Beverage Cash (BCCT) Issued: 150,425,700
Price ETH = 600 US dollars BCCT = (50,000,000 / 600) / 150,425,700 = 0.0055 ETH
With a platform of lots valued at 500M USD, the price of Beverage Cash (BCCT) will be 0.0553 ETH.

  • Total volume : 150,425,700 BCCT. 
  • Quantity for the open market : 97,776,705 BCCT 
  • Private sale : 12% - 11,733,205 - BONUS 50% 
  • Advance sale : 18% - 17,599,807-BONUS 25% 
  • Primary sale : 70% - 68,443,693 - BONUS 10% - 0% 
  • Soft Cap - 1,500 ETH 
  • Hard Cap - 30,000 ETH

Token distribution: 


Author: SanZoldyck

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