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eSports Ecosystem : the standard cryptocurrency for all of eSports

Even for players who are not addicted, video games can be a very expensive form of amusement. It's miles very clean to spend thousands of dollars on pc improvements, new gaming consoles, subscriptions to online services, newly launched video games, and the modern growth packs. Every now and then, humans with a dependency to video games can be fired because of poor overall performance at the job (as an example, prioritizing gaming over process duties, gambling games while at paintings, regularly displaying up past due, or lacking paintings completely in want of gaming). With most of these problems, gamers do not get any monetary benefits for most of the net video games they involve themselves in. This is why eSports is right here to assist game enthusiasts to enjoy the games they play as well as benefit from them.

The Mission of eSports

The challenge is to grow to be the usual cryptocurrency for all eSports. The venture of the team's token, the eSports environment(ESE) is to create a digital currency to bring fee to the eSports atmosphere. This cryptocurrency may be used for many things: as cryptocurrency payouts to the players, as an entry charge into tournaments, to change for merchandise on-site or online and most significantly, this cryptocurrency might be used for the growth and facilitation of the esports atmosphere. 17% of the entire preliminary deliver could be saved in a public wallet and we are able to use the one's price range to offer lower back to the esports environment by means of adding to prizes pools, with the aid of sponsorship players, teams and tournaments, for charities, for gaming scholarships, for advertisement to bring attention and growth to esports among others things.


Many tournaments have low payout prize pools which makes it very difficult to make a living as a professional gamer.

Many tournaments simplest pay out the top 3 to top 10 except you're inside the higher echelon of ability level, it's miles very hard to attain the payout.

Many tournaments organizers lose cash or attain very little rewards for organizing activities. Like an awful lot as they prepare those occasions for the passion, it isn't always sustainable lengthy-term if they are constantly losing cash.


As we have observed, only a few game enthusiasts are lucky and skillful enough to make a full-time residing from their passion. Meanwhile, informal gamers do now not earn anything and that is damaging to the environment. ESE will empower all game enthusiasts via creating a digital foreign money for the esports ecosystem a good way to complement the current fiat payout structure and reward now not just the top echelon of gamers but additionally reward informal gamers. There are three important issues and we've mentioned the 3 answers below.

We can supplement the fiat payouts by using including ESE tokens from the network wallet in order to increase the cost of the entire prize pool.

Via growing the prize pool, this can permit event organizers to broaden the payout structure. For instance, as opposed to just the 10 getting paid, now the top 100 finishers also can earn through triumphing some ESE tokens. Sounds great right?

We will also help sponsor activities and upload to their revenue circulation by using giving event organizers ESE tokens. We are able to empower tournament organizers and reward them with ESE tokens from the community wallet.



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