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REMCO : Worlds First Distributed Platform for Money Transfer

There is a huge number of exchanges for the exchange of crypto-currencies today, they have their features and tools for trading, allowing you to multiply your investments massivey in the shortest time. One of the most popular exchanges at the moment is the Bitfinex exchange, with one of the largest volumes in the crypto currency trade, providing a huge number of services with a user-friendly interface, but it has strong limitations for new users. American exchange Poloniex is the largest exchange in terms of trading volume, with margin trading, rather low commission and high level of security, but does not exchange, as deposit and withdrawal, of fiat money. It is a barrier for investors when entering crypto-currencies market.

British exchange Bitstamp was the first among all to receive a license for the exchange of crypto-currency, with the possibility of bank transfers, inferior to the interface, and complicated verification. The lack of the ability to solve customer’s problems quickly raises questions about the quality of the resource and management of most crypto exchanges. Drawing a conclusion, we’ve come to the fact that each of the trading platforms has its drawbacks. Considering all the shortcomings of competitors, we are creating a completely new and unique trading platform, with a large number of financial and social tools that allow improving the quality of the currency trade.

The project have a good perspective to start with plus the team at experts at what they do.Taking a close at the
solution they proffer,one can see that the project will surely be a success.

About the project

The REMCO Token Generating Platform’s APIs to allow any licensed money transmitter to mint programmable Tokens to move value and leverage distributed ledger advantages at speed and scale, while also offering innovative compensation to all transaction stakeholders.


REMCO designs and provide practical and transformative technology for money transfer, especially cash transfers with the vision to transform the cash-based side of the industry, reward crucial stakeholders and add consumer convenience, control and affordability.


Money transmitters have few and limited options for building and expanding their business on another’s rails.1 slow speeds2 high costs3 Vanishing commissions4 tough entry5 Unstable operation


1 Multichain blockchain

2 Successful authorizations

3 Faster speed of payout

4 commissions for agents

5 Artificial intelligence plus human experience

Remittance Token For Money Transfer Organizations

REMCO Remittance Tokens connect senders and recipients of money similar to the way mobile phones connect two people. REMCO’s platform provides the infrastructure, the pipes, that allow remittance companies globally to mint and customize their own Tokens on a revolutionary open source platform designed for speed, compliance and transparency.

REMCO Remittance tokens use a revolutionary money transmission Token with an open source platform that allows remittance companies globally to mint and customize their own Tokens.

Why choose Remco

Solutions REMCO Token is built using Multichain and include self-service platform for B2B, which will not only allow money transmitters to enjoy the benefits of DLT using existing networks with cash, but also to expand its network, driving REMCO to re-open the process to routes with angular agents.

Money transmitters have limited and limited choice to build and expand their business on other rails.

Traditional money transfers are slow for both money translators and their clients. The new block chain approach is slower than many existing centralized systems.

Many corridors are still very expensive and the prices of small transfers are stupid. Blocked cryptocurrency system is in need of repair, inefficient and can not be scaled.

Stakeholders in the process of remittances on a cash basis more and more upset the more low-wage jobs, resulting in less participation and less consumer choice

Conventional platforms have entry barriers that are too high for partner networks; REMCO overcomes this drawback.

A technical failure can disable all partner networks on a centralized platform until the cause is discovered and corrected.

Remco ICO Distribution

Total tokens for sale 65%

Founders Team & Advisors 15%

Marketing 5%

Business Partners 5%

Reserve 10%

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Author: SanZoldyck

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