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[My Precious] - I Admit I Love My Precious Metals

What do I see ahead?

I do admit that I love my precious metals and to me it is more than just money, a perceived sense of wealth or a stable future for retirement.

There is a REAL magic contained in these metals.

It is all in the numbers, the frequencies and the sacred geometry.

A universal magic based around the energy and vibrations running through our planet, our solar system and in every cell in our body.

An energy that supports life itself and I feel the Ancient Khemits (Egyptians, Mayans, and Tibetans) knew more about scalar energy and the universal forces than we do and I also believe this information has been suppressed and kept from our education.

Kept from us so we do not see the light.

The last 2000+ years, a short time really, has seen white man conquer every nation on this planet and introduce the darkside of the force.

The empire lives and they have millions of deaths on their hands.

The deception is very real.

The East represents the light side of the force and is about higher vibrations, philosophy, creativity, meditation, purity, and higher states of consciousness.

The West represents the darkside of the force and is about greed, power, the 7 sins, narcissism, materialism, and consumerism where technology, fear and propaganda is taking us further and further away from this genuine connection to the universe.

This power is real.

I can feel it.

I suggest we all need to keep learning and sharing the knowledge of the east as our future depends on it.

Seek to get back to our origins and start learning more about the old ways.

Jedi's we may become?

In the meantime, I will control my own environment, harness the law of attraction, continue to stack my Silver, Gold and Cryptos in the aim that I can one day build a fully sustainable village with its own 100M high energy pyramid, pyramid greenhouses, structured water supplies, medicinal foods and self sufficient energy systems. (I will write about this soon)

That is my ultimate goal before I retire.

Lets hope we make it through the next 2-5 years as I feel a storm is coming.

A big storm.

DATE: 7 April 2017

ABOVE CHART - All I can see here is a BULL run and it is going to go vertical soon which will be an approx. 7+ month run where we will see 100%+ gains and then a secondary run of 7+ months where we will see 200% - 300%+ gains as the mainstream catch on (all too late).

Lets face it.

Gold and Silver is always on a BULL run when you hold long term and it is a real asset.

How far will it go?

When will it settle and what new price with PM's find themselves at?

DATE: 7 April 2017

ABOVE CHART - Seems like someone feels that we are on the verge of this run and with all that is happening in the world I feel we are close to the official hard climb.

All it will take is a war and/or a bank to collapse and we will see the derivative bubble and the housing bubble burst.

Be careful though....I predict a deflation first, a smack down on the price of PM's as they dump the shorts and scurry to liquidate their investments and this will be the first major sign of what is to come.

After that we will see the hyper-inflationary stage and the inevitable collapse of the markets.

Have a great day



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