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[Video Blog #39] - Crypto Asset Class - Is It Legitimate?

Is the crypto asset class legitimate?

Well, when you assess the market cap I would say yes.

Do you think investors are stupid enough to invest 90 Billion into a sector that has no merit?

I highly doubt it.

When you look at the potential of the blockchain and understand its overall capacity and assess how it will change our current system not only as a monetary system but as a information management and cyber security asset we start to see what is ahead.

Smarter people than me are behind this entire network and I can tell you I want to be in the same room as these people.

As the saying goes if you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room.

I am in teh crypto room and I feel grateful for all the brilliant minds moving us forward.

Is this the golden age manifesting before our eyes?

I think it is.

Hope this video brings you some value and feel free to comment below on what you think cryptos are legitimate and what has attracted you to the sector.

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Have a great day!

~ Sebastian


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