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In Moscow, 1% of the population pays by crypto

In Moscow, 1% of the population pays by cryptocurrency and another 5% want to join

In Moscow, 1% of the population prefers to pay for purchases by cryptocurrency. This was found out in the course of their research "Yandex.Money" and the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT). Another 5% of respondents expressed a desire to acquire digital assets and use them as settlement funds.

“Most likely, people, responding, assumed that in the future high-tech processes will be used. At the same time, many have a confusion with bitcoins. I remember the story of how people bought bitcoins in the subway, ”commented Ivan Buturlin, head of the analytical center of the DIT.

Also, according to him, only 34% of the population of Moscow use non-cash payment methods, and 63% of them resort to operations daily.

Why such a small percentage? The respondents noted that they do not want to resort to non-cash payments due to fear of fraudsters, unwillingness to pay commissions, as well as basic ignorance of technology.

“In order for non-cash payments to penetrate the lives of a larger number of citizens, it is necessary that people's perceptions also change so that they understand that this is a safe payment method. Apparently, time must pass for this,” - noted the head of "Yandex.Money" Ivan Glazachev.

The report also lists the most popular methods of cashless payment. In the first place was a bank card. It is used by 96% of respondents. Next comes mobile banking (40%), Internet banking (32%) and, finally, electronic money (16%). Many of the respondents indicated that in the future they wish to use Apple Pay and Android Pay more often.

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