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It's Beautiful to Love. Words with A Poem (For My Heart)

It takes something more than the attraction to be able to talk about love. To love is to wish the fulfillment and the happiness of the other. We can only love when there is respect. One can certainly respect a being without loving it, but it is impossible to love without respecting the other.

To love is to say I love you without speaking ... To love is to live out of time, just lulled by one's dreams.


To love is a beautiful thing when it is shared, it is the melody of the heart without sound. To love is an ecstasy to turn your senses. A feeling so deep that it takes your breath away. Listening to the tender words, feeling chills to capsize, heartbeat to tear your chest, it takes you to the guts and you do not let go. I speak to you to love the one with whom you want to live as much as life will allow.

His words soothe you like a gentle breeze on a summer evening,
spending time with him is a real enchanting ballad,
the softness of his arms is a sweet remedy to the hassle
and crazy nights of passion take you beyond the reason.

Such a strong love can begin to exist only when each offers to the other the depth of the thoughts, the most locked secrets of the soul, the deepest secrets. To love is to smile while thinking of the other, it is melting under his gaze, it is dreaming to two. It's experiencing something so strong that it's beyond us. It puts our values, our feelings constantly to the test. Love is the greatest gift of self that one can make.
To love is to give the best of oneself every day, it is to think to sacrifice oneself for the other one, it is to suffer when it suffers and to be always there to support it. To love is to share, to help each other not only in good weather but also to comfort during storms! There is no "loving too much" because we simply love and the heart cannot be directed by reason: the measure of love with a great A is to love without measure. This love wants happiness, passion with the loved one and works every moment for that, without expecting anything, nor getting tired.

It is like the flowers of a field,
they are believed to be perfume-free
and when they are gathered together
they are all fragrant.

Love is written, sung, admired,
demonstrated, felt but can not be defined.

To love oneself is amazing,
it is to have the other in the skin and in the heart.

The time we spend with the person we love is always too short. We must not hesitate to communicate what we feel under penalty of missing out on an extraordinary and fabulous person. A look, a smile, a touch ... it can change the day of the other.
To love is built on trust, honesty, and sincerity. Happiness is not a diamond that one buys everything: it is a mosaic of small stones harmoniously worked and carefully placed. These little things do not look like anything, but they give durability.

We talk with our eyes,
understand each other with our hands.
To love is to form a duo of shock
to communicate without even speaking is the top

To love is to feel safe, to know that right there is the person
who will make us forget a painful day.

To love is to let oneself go
to the extravagances of pure and sensual madness.

To love is to wait for your return with impatience just to feel it, touch it, talk to it. It's having a heart that beats when it sends you a message, it's feeling a huge lack when it's not there, it's wanting to see it when it's gone only since 10 mn is to be bad when we fight. The love we receive is a sumptuous gift that we must not refuse because it is the most beautiful we can hope. To love is a state of mind filled with unique moments, magical moments. You must not be afraid of your feelings. To love is to look with complicity, to smile with desire, to speak with sensuality, it is to kiss with all sensuality, it is to give to each other without taboos or complexity, it is simply to caress and embrace to share all the secrets and to be one.
But to love someone on a daily basis requires sustained effort. We must try to make the love live, to maintain it. We can not hope that a fire will keep up without putting wood in it, that a plant can survive without water ... To love someone is not just about "I love you", it is still necessary to prove it! To love a person is to admire his qualities, but also to accept his faults. To love is to be passionate about someone, to respect him regardless of his opinions, to know how to listen to him without putting his head under the guillotine and especially to show him that he is an exceptional being for you.


I want to use this medium to say happy belated birthday to my heart, my love, my life, my everything. This should have come earlier but I think It's for the best. I love you with my mind, soul, and body. Thanks for taking care of me and our children. I really appreciate all your effort and most especially your understanding. You are what other should pray to have someone like you but no one can get you because you are mine, and mine alone.


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